Fans Waved From Helicopters!

The following article appeared in New Musical Express on September 3, 1965, page 2.

For five days The Beatles basked in the glorious Californian sunshine by the pool of their rented house in Benedict Canyon. Although the house was several miles out of town beyond Beverly Hills, it seemed as though every fan in Los Angeles made a pilgrimage at one time or anther to stand and wave at the gates for a few seconds before being moved on by the police -writes Chris Hutchins.
Some came by helicopter they had saved for months to charter and waved from the sky. Others walked up the long steep hill in the intense heat.
One little girl took four and a half hours to climb the hill on crutches to hand the guard at the gate a ring she had made for Ringo and a letter. Then she turned around and started the journey back.
The Beatles rarely slipped our and only did so by night. Early in their stay George and Paul went to a Byrds' recording session and heard the American group wax its new single, "The Times They Are A-Changin'".
There were frequent visitors to the house including Joan Baez who spent most of Monday chatting to John by the pool.
The Beatles travelled by road on Saturday. On the return journey their limousine broke down and they had to wait by the roadside outside a mortuary for a replacement vehicle.
Another regular visitor to the Beatle home was actor Peter Fonda, but after two entire days at the house he got the Beatle brush-off when he arrived for a third.
"Please call me soon, Rosemary Clooney," was typical of the telegrams which arrived hourly from The Beatles' star neighbours. "We don't even know her," said Paul, putting the message on one side.
Each day The Beatles swam, but John and Ringo, with sensitive skins, wrapped themselves in towel coats to keep the sun from burning, so don't be surprised that only two Beatles arrived home tanned.
Each evening a chef prepared steaks on a charcoal grill in the garden for their dinner. They rarely went to bed before dawn or rose before noon.
John was excited when somebody gave him an old copy of Gene Vincent's "Be-Bop-A-Lula" and it was played insessantly.
Needless to say, The Beatles' two Hollywood Bowl concerts were enormously successful. They collected 15,000 pounds for each one, but had the Bowl been three times as big they would have filled it.
But despite the success of their tour and the rich living they enjoyed in the house on the hill at Benedict Canyon, John, Paul, George and Ringo were all homesick.
And I know that by this weekend they will all be happily settled back in their own homes with countless souvenirs of a tour all America has saluted.

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