George Harrison

The folloing article appeared in "Beatles Color Pinup Album" which is a publication of the editors of Teen Screen magazine. This article is from the year 1964.

"Lots of people think George is the quietest of the four of us",...says Chief Beatle, John Lennon.
"I'll say this for him-he's straight forward!" quips Ringo.
Paul says people he's chiselled out of rock because of his his dead-pan expression!
Yet, they all agree, he is loyal to his friends. (Ringo adds, 'that's us!'). And he can't do anything about that...he's contracted!!!
By the time I was five, I knew my name was George Harrison...I could walk and talk and lived at Hunts Cross. That is brilliant for any five year old! So brilliant, in fact, my mother decided to send me to brain exercises at Dovedale Primary School. In an attempt to look less like a garden rake, I took interest in the school sports. I grew mad keen on soccer, cricket, athletics and swimming. The years passed on...except for my yearly illness, everything was always uneventful!
Funny as it seems; the day before my birthday, which is the 25th of February, I always come down with tonsillitis. At first, I thought it was mere coincidence. As time went on, I developed a complex about it. "I'm doomed!" I would grumble to my Mum.
Suddenly the day before my thirteenth birthday, I woke with no sore throat. I thought it was odd, and decided to see the doc.
"I'm O.K. this year, aren't I? My throat has never been finer!!!"
Thinking the doc was in very good humor; I told my Mum, "That doc is such a chararcter, he said my throat is so fine, I'll have to go to the hospital!"
Maybe he wasn't joking, there was no ambulance out front! He had not been joking, after all.
In place of tonsillitis, I had developed nephritis. I was in the hospital for seven weeks. During those seven weeks, I had to eat a fancy plate of gruel! Personally, I thought it was awful. They then gave me some lovely jalop! Which I found not so lovely!
After the fifth week, I had enough. I nipped the office for some paper bags. At night I would take the bag of food from its hiding place under the mattress and sling it out the window!
One night, I peeped out the window to see whom I had made a target of! The matron nurse! She yelled, "Find the culprit!!!"
"Pretend to be asleep, my paper bag of food hit Matron"
We tried, but it struck me so funny, I could not contain myself! In walked the stern nurse...she turned on the lights. She was holding up the paper bag, I could barely keep myself within! "Do you always sleep with a grin on your face?" she said sternly. So much for my innocent smile!
Born in Liverpool in 1943, it was not until 16 years later that I met John Lennon and Paul McCartney. During the next couple of years that followed they played in a variety of groups. We experimented, with washboards and banjo sounds.
Often people ask, what makes the Beatles' Beat? As we have said before, if we knew, we'd retire and form another group!
Having given it much thought, I can only attribute the success of the group to several factors. We were different and, because the public was ready for a change, we've succeeded.
Of course, apart from the music, the way we have our hair cut, for example! We are a different generation and so are our fans.
At first when we as the Beatles were becoming successful, and things were coming our way, we were all nervous before a performance. We were so nervous, Ringo would be quiet! John was very serious! Paul and I would try to pretend we didn't care. But we did. Now we don't think about performing...we just do it!
The first time I ever met Paul, he was sitting on the bus bench. He was sitting there, just laughing to himself! I thought, "we've a right case here!" Then I could see he was watching his reflection in the window. No wonder he was stark out of it!
I recall John eating fish and chips. His hair was so long, he had to pull it from his face to eat.
Ringo looked moody when I met him at the club. I've since learned that is his look whenever his mind is thinking!
Honest! Our act is not an act.
It is only the sincerity of John, Paul and Ringo and myself. We stand on stage and play instruments and sing. Our ambition has not yet been fulfilled! Mine is to design a guitar myself, call it the Harrison!
Like Paul and John, I would like to compose. Although they do all of it or the better part of it presently, I did actually write one of the numbers. We liked it and used it on one of our EPs. Though I haven't bothered about it the exact manner as have John and Paul, I'd like to take a full stab at it sooner or later."
Song-writing is not my only interest. I like parties and a bit of fun like anyone else, but there's nothing better, than a bit of peace and quiet. Sitting round a big blazing fire with your slippers on and watching the telly (television). That's the life!
My ideal life is a far cry from my real life. Like the rest of the Beatles, my home if often surrounded by dozens of female fans. They don't worry me, in fact, I like it much! I'd be dead worried if the girls weren't around and if the screams died away. In any case, we are seldom home much these days!
I did have one chance to go home this year. It was during a two-week period of vacation last summer. The first we have had since out phenomenal rise. I took off for America to see the shops, the airports, the trains, the garages, the way people like in general. I wanted to see the ordinary side of America.
As for my starting the hair-cut, that was completely by accident! We had been swimming. When I came from the pool, my hair dived into what is now the Beatle hair-do. Not having a comb or brush, I did not comb it afterwards, it looked then as it does now! We decided we liked it and it has remained.
Everyone is interested in our likes and dislikes! There are very few things one can keep secret in this business. First and foremost, I dislike having my hair cut. I can think of nothing else which irks me most!!
My favorite movie stars are Elvis Presley, Maggie Smith and Peter Sellers. Most of all I enjoy listening to Segovia and Chet Atkins, sometimes I like to listen to Eartha Kit, Carl Perkins, and Whispering Paul McDowell.
Occasionally, I am thrilled with a good Hitchcock film. Though often, I just prefer television.
The color blue in certain shades catches on to my fancy! The thoughts of retiring with lots of money pleases me to no end! Even if I should become fab wealthy, I should still prefer casual clothing.
Driving is a pleasurable pastime, especially when with a petite girl who has blonde hair. Driving is one of my favorites, but I can not bear riding on a bus. Traveling my train is a pain! One can not often fall asleep in a moving train!
Soon, I hope to spend a holiday in the sand. It would be great to be in a warm climate with the sun beating down on me. I like the sea. I find it stimulating. Especially when there are lots of beautiful girls.
Some like my dark brown hair, some don't. But you can be certain I shall not cut it!
I like to wear dark clothes most of the time, it make me look taller than 5'11". Not that I particulary want to look tall, but dark clothes tend to give the illusion of height.
Everyone like to discuss politics...well, not everyone! But a lot of people do! Me? I do not! Need I say more?
We are too busy today to talk about tomorrow. And there are some things older people consider worthwhile, which I do not. Therefore, I do not think of the future too much. When asked, "What are the prospects of the group in the future?", my only reply is short and realistic! If we fizzle out-we fizzle out. But it will all have been a lof of fun.

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