Beatles on Holiday

The following article appeared in New Musical Express on October 11, 1963, page 3

You can't beat the Beatles when it comes to enjoying a holiday. Even an experienced travel agent would marvel at the fun they've packed into the last two weeks, from rocking up "What'd I Say" with a Greek dance band to climbing the heights of the Empire State Building in New York!
Paul and Ringo holidayed in Greese together, while George went to America with his brother.
John Lennon stayed nearer home-in Paris-but still managed some "high living" up the Eiffel Tower and on the Left Bank.
How was America? George told me: "It was great. I was with my brother Peter, and we visited my sister Louise and her family in Benton, Illinois. We hadn't seen her for nine years.
"I did plenty of traveling-Ohio, the Mississippi and so on. I even did some camping in one of the big National Parks. Very relaxing it was.
We went to New York for three days, but I was a bit disappointed. It's a lonely sort of place.
"One day we went to see "Stop the World" on Broadway and went back stage to meet Anthony Newley. What a great person! I'd never met him before, but he's heard all about the Beatles. He's even recorded one of our numbers, 'I Saw Her Standing There.'
"Anyway, he seemed to know everybody in the music business-Dick James, for instance, and our manager Brian Epstein. The funny thing was, he didn't know Brian was our manager. He knew him from meeting him in Liverpool once.
"I wouldn't say America was any more expensive than Britian, except New York. You could really burn a hole in your pocket.
"I bought a guitar while I was there, a Rickenbacker like John's. It cost me about 80 or 90 pounds, and I had to pay 22 pounds customs' duty on top of that.
"I didn't get much else, except 16 LPs! The Shirelles, the Miracles, Barbara Lewis and so on.
"Honestly, it was fab. The only thing that was a bit rough was the journey back. It was a five hour flight and we sort of missed a day with the time lapse.
"Apart from that I don't think I've had such a good time in my life. It was sunny and hot, and I went mad like a tourist and shot 25 rolls in cine film. I got a great view from the mop of the Empire State Building."

Said Ringo: "Paul and I didn't travel around quite so much as George but had a great time! We went to Corfu for a week, then to Athens.
"We were living in chalets and we used to get up about ten in the morning and go sunbathing. The trouble was, it was so hot we used to have to give up after an hour or so.
"Paul shot about tens rolls of cine film, but I had my trusty little box camera.
"The food? Wasn't so bad. I'm fussy about what I eat and can't stand onions or garlic, so the chef cooked everything for me plain.
"After a few days we travelled around a bit, to the island of Rhodes and then back to Athens. Coming back there was a bit of trouble-there was a plane strike, and we had to stay another night. Then we sort of went all round the world to get back home, because we got a plane that went via Zurich and Frankfurt!
"I didn't get many gifts, because there didn't seem much that was suitable. But I did buy a ring for my mother, and a plaque and some other things.
"We had a great time at the hotel we stayed at. We couldn't understand a word of the songs the hotel band were playing, so on the last night Paul and I did a few rockers like 'What'd I Say.'
"Then we went round to a local bar with some people we know, and did the same act again! The locals loved it-they were all trying to join in."
Paul took up the story, "One of the best days we had was at a wine festival, where you paid ten drachmas-about five bob-and sampled as many of the 200 wines as you could! After that, you could choose the one you liked best and have your decanter filled.
They'd let you stay drinking all week if you wanted to, but after about an hour we gave up. It was strong stuff!
"It was a fabulous holiday though. We took pictures at the Acropolis and really lived it up. The only thing we didn't like was the club which seemed to be full of flashy old businessmen, with a dreary band. And we paid 13 pounds for a couple of drinks!"

Not to be outdone by all the hectic night life, John reports that Paris was equally swinging.
"I took my cine camera as well," he told me, "and I exposed so many rolls of film I lost count.
"I would have done some painting as well, but there just wasn't the time. We only stayed eight days.
"One of the first things I did was to go up the Eiffel Tower. I couldn't efford it the last time I was in Paris (hitch-hiking), so I was determined to make the trip this time.
"We went to a lot of the clubs, but it was so expensive I don't know how I lived on my last visit! Coffee was about three bob a cup. When we go to play the Olympia, I'm taking sandwiches!
"It was a terrific holiday-some night I'd get to bed about 2 am, and other nights I just didn't bother at all."
John was hoping to bring back another "Beatle fashion" from this holiday in Paris, but it didn't work out.
"When I was there last time I spotted those round-collared jackets, and I thought I might see another new style this time.
"There was only one thing wrong. These days, everybody over there is trying to dress like the English!"

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