20 Years After the Frog Song
Macca Hums New Single for Kids

The following article appeared in a email from paulmccartney.com.

Paul McCartney is to release his first single for children in 20 years - recording a flipside to the Frog Song.

Two decades after the original frog song, We All Stand Together, went to No.3 in the UK charts, Paul is releasing a new kids song - Tropic Island Hum - for the children of the children who bought the nursery favourite in 1984.

Tropic Island Hum is the title track of a new children’s animation film created by Paul McCartney.

Said Paul: “I don’t often write songs deliberately for children but we made this new film for kids and the film needed a song. As a songwriter I’m always interested in trying to write music in different styles, so I took the challenge of trying to write another one for kids”.

A limited edition single will be issued by EMI Records on September 20th. The CD will feature Tropic Island Hum along with the original recording of We All Stand Together, to mark the 20th anniversary of the long-ago deleted amphibian anthem.

Both songs are written by Paul McCartney and sung by a chorus of animals.

The film Tropic Island Hum will introduce a new cartoon character, Wirral the squirrel. The short film, which follows the cheeky Scouse squirrel on an adventure to an island animal sanctuary, will be released on DVD on September 27th as one of a package of three cartoons created by Paul and titled Paul McCartney: The Music And Animation Collection. The collection will also feature the award-winning Rupert And The Frog Song and another Macca frog flick, Tuesday.

The CD single Tropic Island Hum is the first release from Paul McCartney since he recently headlined the Glastonbury Festival.

Said Paul: “I shouldn’t imagine that too many of the Glastonbury bands would follow performing Helter Skelter there with releasing a single for children by a cartoon squirrel, but it’s ringing the changes like this which keeps me interested in the possibilities of life”.

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