Ringo Shattered by Sleeping Fans!

The following article appeared in New Musical Express on May 20, 1966, page 9.

The thing about Ringo Starr is he's not the sort of Beatle who expects fan worship. Take the other night, for example. He took Maureen up to London to catch up with the clubs and they arrived back at 4.30 in the morning to find seven girls sleeping in the front gate to their Weybridge mansion!
"I couldn't believe it," says Ringo, "I mean, I thought all that had finshed. It seems a long time since anyone slept out for me. I told them straight, I said: 'Come along ladies, off you go.' They enquired the time and went."
Ringo recounted they story earlier this week when he took time off from one of The Beatles' marathon recording sessions to keep NME readers up to date with happenings. The group has now been recording for a month and still their LP is not complete.
"I think this will definitely go down as one of the longest sessions ever, but we're trying to produce a really musical LP, not just a record by those four boys on guitars and drums! We're using strings this time, and ever trumpet on one track.
"Yes, I shall have a vocal track. We haven't done is yet. John and Paul have written a song which they think is for me but if I mess it up then we might have to find another country-and-western song off somebody else's LP. It all depends..."
Is he frustrated by the endles search for a new Beatles film story?
"Yes - I wish somebody would decide on something, and quick. I think we've waited too long already for a follow-up picture, just as we've waited too long to do this LP.
"There have been one or two ideas put forward that I've liked, up to a point - The Beatles On Horseback or As Robots - but nothing has come forward that's suited us to to the ground.
Apart from his work, Ringo has settled down well to life as a married man and father. "Everything's lovely out at Weybridge now - leaves on the trees and flowers in the garden. It looks great! We entertain the others to dinner occasionally, as they do us... And Zak - he's great! He's shouting now!"
Not to be lonely in their conntry isolation the Starr have acquired three dogs - two Airedales name Donovan and Daisy, and a poodle named Tiger.
Their stock of cars has depleted by the sale of the Rolls-Royce: "But I still own a Facel Vega, which I take when I'm driving some distance, a Super-Mini for when we're going into town but usually somewhere a bit special, and an ordinary Mini for just popping about."

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