Lennon Spoke of Death Hours Before Shooting

I am not sure which newpaper this article appeared. I only have the clipping. This article was written in the aftermath of John Lennon's death on December 8, 1980.

NEW YORK (AP)-Only hours before his death, former Beatle John Lennon said in an interview that he hoped to die before his wife Yoko Ono, "because if Yoko died, I wouldn't know how to survive. I couldn't carry on."

Interviewed Monday afternoon by the RKO radio network, Lennon also was optimistic about his future as he re-entered the music world, describing his newest album as a greeting to long-time fans.
"I hope the young kids like it was well. But I'm really talking to the people who grew up with me. I'm saying here I am now, how are you? How's your relationship going? Did you get through it all? Wasn't the Seventies a drag, you know? Well, here we are, let's make the Eighties great because it's up to us to make what we can of it."
He had recently given several interviews as he returned to the limelight after five years of baking bread, babysitting and being a family man.

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