Salute to the MBEatles

The following article appeared in New Musical Express on June 18, 1965, pages 2 & 3.

Dear John, Paul, George and Ringo: congratulations from all NME readers on the honor bestowed on you by the Queen, who saw fit to make you members of the British Empire for your unprecedented achievement in the history of world show business and winning for Britain the interest of millions of teenagers all over the world-writes Andy Gray.
As always, there have been the knockers who say this award to you is ridiculous. A "Daily Mirror" writer attacked the whole thing and other make sarcastic asides about it. On the other hand, the serious-minded "Daily Telegraph", in its leader, suggested the honour was not sufficient and you should have received a more generous award, such as a knighthood.
The Prime Minister, the Member of Parliament for Huyton, Liverpool, recommended you for this honor. And as you admitted on television, you were sent the forms to fill in six weeks ago to say if you wanted an honour.
We're glad you accepted it. This means that your teenage fans, who made you, can share in the honour. And these days, when teenagers seem to get bad publicity, how pleasant to have something good happen.
Your ladies will be going with you to Buckingham Palace to the investiture-there are two in July, and others later in the year-and let us hope "baby" lets Maureen go. You'll be decked out in your finest attire and you'll have a very happy day. Myra Secombe, wife of Harry, recalled that she was "scared stiff" before the investiture, but after it she felt exhilarated, having seen her husband receive his OBE.
You will come away with silver medals on a pink ribbon, each with a pin to attach it to the left side of your dinner jackets on former occasions. You may have your medals before the premiere of "Help!".
One final suggestion-if the Queen could not make the presentation personally, wouldn't it be a fine thing for her teenage son or daughter, Prince Charles or Princess Anne, to do it? That would make it a complete teenage triumph.

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