Pop Think-In: John Lennon

The following article appeared in Melody Maker on July 30, 1966, page 7.

Marriage: Just a name.

Billy J. Kramer: Where?

Chelsea: So what?

In crowds: Do me a favour!

Reeperbahn: Yeah!

War: Terrible. No excuse for it.

Harold Wilson: Like the rest of 'em.

Power: I haven't used mine fully yet.

Clothes: Useful for taking off.

God: Where? You point him out. See marriage.

Russia: I like.

Television: Love it. Sometimes great, sometimes a joke, but I like it.

Weybridge: See marriage.

Death: The end, daddio.

Hairstyles: See marriage and God.

Gimmicks: I don't know what they are unless they work. I've never employed a gimmick in my life. Next.

Paul McCartney: Just Paul. Just our Paul.

Animals: I love.

Swimming: Keeps you clean.

Sky: That's where I belong, baby.

Paul Jones: Nice idea but he puts them over stupidly and so doesn't impress anyone, especially me. What the CND crowd believe in is right, but how they communicate it lays them open to ridicule.

Journalists: Fruitcake.

Help! film: Crap.

Milk: OK.

Politicians: Losers.

'PS I Love You': It was a period.

Electronic music: I've heard a bit and some is crap. Some's OK.

Brain Epstein: Our manager.

Drunkeness: Often.

Dylan: Good.

Police: See politicians. They're a necessary evil. No, a necessary very evil.

Sex: Life.

Fans: Harmless.

Ray Davies: He's The Kinks.

Cigarettes: Cancer.

Hangers-on: Useful sometimes. Not all are drags. They're people and it's up to us to separate the good ones from the drags.

President Johnson: No.

Flying: No thanks.

Vegetarianism: I've not come across it. If people want to eat nuts that's OK with me. I wish I could do it, the way I feel about animals.

The bomb: Should be bombed.

Wine: And women.

Jagger: A good nut.

America: Great possibilities.

Life and death: Time I was on stage.


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