Beatles Still Love to Play Jokes

The following article appeared in New Musical Express on July 17, 1964, page 5

A hard day's flight from London! Fantastic crowds thronged Liverpool Airport, thrusting towards The Beatles, grabbing at their coats. Then followed the journey through their home town streets in a chauffeur-driven limousine; the same streets the quartet once trod as unknowns; first with school satchels and later with guitar cases slung from their shoulders-writes Chris Hutchins.
But last Friday they were back as world famous stars, having conquered America, Australia, Scandinavia and Hong Kong. Liverpool was now at their feet-and in a holiday mood.
Office workers and shop girls took time off. A crowd of 150,000 line The Beatles' route to the Town Hall where Liverpool's civic dignitaries waited to welcome John, Paul, George and Ringo.
As John picked up a sandwich, a civic dignitary grabbed his arm. Then an autograph book and pen were trust before him. "Sign Please," said the civic dignitary.
The Beatle hesitated, and then he took book and pen in one hand and thrust the sandwich into the man's mouth, saying, "Hold this."
After signing the autograph he gave back the book and pen (one in each hand) and crossed the room to join the other Beatles-leaving the dignitary standing with a sandwich gripped between his teeth!
When it comes to autographs, The Beatles don't mind obliging. But they having healthy appetites and resent anything that comes between them and their food.
I have heard a similarly funny story about an incident on their Australian tour when, at reception after reception, hordes of police who were guarding the group, beat them to the food and polished it off before any of the boys had a chance.
So The Beatles sneaked into one reception room before time and prepared rolls from the food-hunting policemen-by filling them with pepper!

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