Pop Think-In: John Lennon

The following article appeared in Melody Maker on January 15, 1966, page 7.

John Lennon knew all about MM's Pop Think-In when he was approached to sit in the hot seat. "Yeah, it'll be a laugh," he said, settling himself down in his chair, "but I hope I don't get rotten questions like I get rotten records in Blind Date."

Vietnam: PF Sloan. I don't like what's happening there.

Money: Nice. Great.

Playboy: The magazine or the man? The magazine. It's nice.

Guitars: Guitars are great, Part of life.

Aeroplanes: I don't like them. At first they were a nice adventure. I like flying less the more we do. We can get to most places well enough by road.

Eppy: He's great, you know. When people talk about him, they say he's harsh and hard and I expect he can be a bit of a bastard at times. He's a businessman, so he has to be. He's never a businessman with us though. He sometimes has a go at us, then we have a go back and it's forgotten.

Milk: It's great. It goes on corn flakes, on your porridge or in tea. It does everything. I always drink a pint before going on to the booze. It keeps you going, too. Two Aspros and a glass of milk can keep you going for days.

Tours: Great - if they're great tours. There was only one I didn't enjoy and I can't remember which one that was now.

Negroes: I always think of music when I hear someone say Negro. I suppose I should think about anti-apartheid and all that. I don't agree with apartheid. But Negroes mean music to me.

Babies: I'm not keen on any except my own. I'm typical of most men in that respect, I suppose. I think he does marvellous things which no other baby ever does. For instance, if he pounds on the piano I think, "Look at that, it's marvellous," when any kid would do the same if there was a piano in the house.

Liverpool: It's still home. Even though my aunt has moved away and I have to stay with Paul if I go there. If I'm in London, home is Weybridge, but if I say I'm going home, I mean Liverpool.

Punch-Ups: They aren't there any more with me. It all happens when I was 18 and 19.

Pubs: I've never gone much on pubs. There have been very few pubs I've had much to do with and they were in Liverpool, like the Grapes near the Cavern.

Sketching: I don't sketch. I occasionally draw things but I don't sketch.

Whisky: I go on it and off it. At the moment, I'm off it. I've been drinking solidly for three years.

Journalists: On the whole they are all right. There's a horrible, nasty element in a few, the same as any job. Usually though the bastards are famous for being bastards. It's the one who seems nice and prove to be bastards later that I can't stand. They're all part of the machine after all. If there were no journalists there'd be no us.

Snow: I liked it in Austria and Switzerland.Christmas Cards: I never think about them. If I do it's usually too late.

Rolls Royces: Great, but even they are no perfect.

Short Hair: Okay if you've a short head. Some people suit their hair long and some suit it short.

America: Some of it's great and some is awful. Good and bad.

TV Pop Shows: They could be better or worse. I'd sooner have a bad pop show than none at all.

Rhodesia: I dunno what they're up to. I don't really know enough about it.

Boots: Keep me warm. I don't always wear them though.

Goya: Some of it's all right. Doesn't he paint ballet pictures? No? Oh well, fuck it then!

Combs: I only likes the kind my aunts gets me from Woolworths in Liverpool.


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