"My year ahead" by Beatle George

The following article appeared in New Musical Express on January 14, 1966, page 3.

"It may seem funny to some people that we Beatles haven't got a single date in our 1966 diary. Not one job of work is fixed! It's about the first time I can remember since we first started that we haven't been able to say, 'We've got to play such-and-such on that date.'
"Mind you we KNOW that in about two months we've got to make another record and we KNOW that some time this year there's another film to do. But that's quite a way off. As you may have read in the NME a couple of weeks back, we're not going to do 'A Talent For Loving' now.
"It look as though we'll do a Western just the same. The fellow who started to script 'Talent For Loving' is working on a completely different story and that'll probably be it. Beatle Film No. 3 is what we call it now.
"No, I'm not gettting bord. There's plently to do here at home, pottering about. I'm getting tape recorders - like Johnny and Paul have - fixed up into a sort of home studio. They can over-dub vocal and instrumental tracks so that when they get an idea for a song they can make a demo record by themselves. I want to do the same.
"You couldn't say I was lonely, either. I've got this lady who comes in six days a week and keeps the place clean and shops for ciggies and food. She also cooks for me but I'm quite capable of getting myself a bit of grub - as long as it's nothing more complicated than steak.
"John, Ringo and I are always popping into each other's now and we all live close together. And we all go out together. And we all go out together quite a lot. The three of us (Paul was in Liverpool) went to Mick Jagger's party last Saturday night. Pity Brian Jones wasn't there. I like him.
"If we don't all meet we usually phone each other at least once a day.
"I'm still getting things for my house, too. I bought a few paintings ata gallery in Bond Street the other day. Nothing priceless - the dearest was 25 pounds.
"Haven't sold my Ashton Martin yet. I never drive it now. With the new speed limit I'd never get it out of second gear! I use the Mini. We've all got Mini Coopers on order with millions of extras like electronically-operated windows and such. John's decided to keep his Ferrari. He's having it painted all black like his Rolls.
"ANd we see films. We had a special preview of 'Thunderbird' the other week. I liked it.
"I have thought of moving back into London. I saw a great old house for sale in Holland Park the other day - with all old chimney stacks. Looked like something out of the 'The Munsters'!"

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