Police Apparently Recover Original
Beatles Tapes Stolen in '70s

The following article appeared in Bangor Daily News on January 11, 2003. This article was written by Thomas Wagner of the Associated Press.

LONDON-Police appear to have recovered about 500 original Beatles tapes that were stolen in the 1970s, including some never-released tracks, during raids Friday on members of a piracy racket in England and the Netherlands.
British police said the tapes were "priceless." Dutch police, who found the tapes in the Netherlands, agreed, but the said analysis of the material was ongoing.
"We're investigating whether they really are the originals, but it appears to be so," prosecutor spokesman Robert Meulenbroek said in Amsterdam. "There are about 500 tapes, so there's quite a bit to research."
The tapes soon will be turned over to British authorities, he said.
Police arrested five people in raids in England and in Holland, following an investigation that began about a year ago. The suspects' names were not immediately released.
The tapes contains songs including "Get Back," for an album the Beatles planned in 1969. the project was shelved and some of the songs instead became part of the "Let It Be" album. The rest of the tapes disappeared.
In 1970, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr broke up, disappointing millions of people around the world.
That's one reason that for many devoted fans and collectors, the original reel-to-reel tapes would be a valuable recovery by Apple, the Beatles' record company.
The material disappeared shortly after the 1969 Beatles sessions which attempted a more back-to-basics approach to recording after the tensions of the 1968 "White Album."
The recovered results are believed to contains dozens of entire songs, as well as snippets of tracks the band attempted, then abandoned.

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