The Lighter Side of John Lennon

The following article appeared in the Los Angeles Times Syndicate on December 14, 1980. This article was written by Don Short.

I'm going to miss John Lennon. His voice and his music will live on, but a lot of fun and wackiness has gone out of the world:
-Like the time when he bought his first Rolls Royce and painted it in brilliant psychedelic colors. "Rolls Royce are so dull. they need cheering up!" he explained.
-Like the time he ordered a drink in his Spanish hotel and climbed into a huge plastic bubble to confuse the waiter who was coming through the door. Winked John, "This will be worth watching. How do you reckon he's going to get the drink in my hand?" He didn't.
-Like the time in St. Tropez when he bought a peak cap and started a fashion epidemic. Back in the same shop a year later he quipped with a bland face, "I've come for my commission."
-Like the time in San Francisco when fans rioted. "Where," asked John laconically, "is the fire escape?"

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