BBC's Taped Tribute to John and Paul

The following article appeared in New Musical Express on August 26, 1966, page 3.

The weekend before The Beatles departed for America - on a rainy and overcast Saturday afternoon - disc-jockey Keith Fordyce and BBC producer Derek Chinnery descended on Paul McCartney's new London home, armed with a tape recorder. Paul and John Lennon met them at the door to escort them into the lounge - reports Derek Johnson.
And you can hear the cream of the conversation in the BBC Light Programme's Bank Holiday tribute to The Beatles, "The Lennon and McCartney Songbook", next Monday (4.30-5.30 pm).
It's a program devoted to their compositions, rather than their work as performers. Indeed, The Beatles themselves are heard singing only one number - "Good Day Sunshine" - from their new LP. The rest of the show's musical content consists of other stars' versions of Beatles songs.
This is the full list of the big names involved: Pat Boone, Keely Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Andy Williams, Peter Sellers, Matt Monro, Lena Horne, Frankie Vaughan, Nancy Sinatra, Mama's And Papa's, Brenda Lee, The Boston Pops Orchestra and George Martin's Orchestra.
I found Derek and Keith in a BBC studio, editing their taped conversation down to size. From the few snippets of the programme I was able to hear, it really does sound most entertaining; I advise you not to miss it. I asked producer Chinnery what he had set out to achieve in the show.
"The reason I suggested it was that I thought it would demonstrate, mainly to the uninitiated, that these boys really are worth-while songwriters," he explained.
"This particularly applies at the moment, when The Beatles are under a heavy barrage of criticism. Perhaps it will make some of the cynics realise that ehy have written some wonderful songs, which acknowledged international star are falling over themselves to record."
The interview took place with all the participants squatting on the floor and was stimulated by numerous cups of tea which the housekeeper provided in an unending flow.
"I was impressed by the way in which John and Paul were prepared to analyze their own work, and criticise it where they felt it was necessary," Keith Fordyce told me. "They told me how they came to write several of their songs and they were extremely honest about their own limitations.
"We've tried to make the conversation as natural as possible - we've even left all the interruptions, such as the dog howling and the housekeeper bring in tea."
Keith and Derek were shown around the new McCartney house and were impressed by it opulence. But, as they both pointed out, although the main decorations have been completed, it has not yet been fully furnished to Paul's liking.

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