Beatle Dreams: George

The following article appeared in New Musical Express on August 5, 1966, page 3. Written by Alan Smith.

Fear of flying is an obsession with the Beatles. They all dream of air disasters in one way or another...and George dreams of them the most, it seems. But in George's case they aren't as morbid as you might think.
He told me: "One dream that really sticks in my mind is where an aeroplane came zoomin' down and crashed in front of me. Your readers might have guessed that 'cos I don't like flyin'!
"Anyway, the plane crashed with a big explosion, and all the fluel flew through the air from miles away. I jumped away and lay flat on the ground to protect myself, but all their fluel was aflame and it landed on my legs."
He had started to speak quickly, reliving the event moment by moment. I must have looked horrified at his grisly description, because he looked up and grinned: "It was all funny, though. My legs were burnin' but they weren't like hurtin'!
"I was sort of shouting: 'Ooh, ooh, ouch' and things, jumpin' about all over the place like I'd sat down on a hot stove.
"All the hurs on me legs were burned off and me trouser legs were in tatters.
"But don't ask me how it all ended. I think I woke up after that-'cos I was feeling a bit warm, naturally."
He walked across the room and poured himself a Coke, allowing it to trickle coolly over the chuck of ice that bubbled up and down in the glass.
"Me dreams are usually a bit mad, y'know, and I also think a lot about people I know in real-life.
"While I'm having a dream, all these people are passing through the story, or just standing by watching.
"I dream about weird things, like houses with distorting mirrors in them. Or people walkin' around with pan-lids on top of their heads. Don't ask me why. It's all a bit funny.
"Another funny thing is, I dream about holidays a lot, like Paul. I'm always recollecting the times when me mum and me dad and I would go camping. That's always good for a laugh!
"Ere, camping works out quite cheap, y'know. The cost is next-door to nothing, specially if you're a hitch-hiker. I remember Paul and I once lasted about three weeks on two pounds 10s., sleepin' in the fields and things. That's for real-'onest! More people wanna try it."
I asked him if most of his dreams were the laugh-and-be-happy kind, and he roared out laughing at the thought.
"Well," he said as he held on to his drink, slurping it around the glass, " could say some are comedies-and some are thrillers!"

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