Fab Four Fiction

Here are some links to fan fiction stories for your reading enjoyment. I don't currently host any stories, but if you have written a story and want to send it to me, I'll post it on this site.
The only rules are:
No cross-overs.
No Mary Sue characters.

Please Drop me a line and I'll get your story posted.

The Other Side of The Mirror
This is a story about a fantasy world on the other side of a mirror.

Mysterious Doings
Beatles vs. haunted mansion. Who will win?

It's well known that George Harrison came down with the flu on the Beatles' first trip to America. What isn't so well known is the strange adventure he was catapulted into when he passed out and woke up to find himself the prince of a small Indian kingdom!

Happy Birthday to Me
A young girl in a small Pennsylvania town gets a "crash" course in how to become a Beatles fan from John and Yoko.

Unexpected in Time
The Beatles travel to different worlds in this fantasy story.

Love Is All You Need (Even In the Strangest Situations)
John and Paul wake up one morning to find that they've switched bodies.

Cloning Around
George's time machine is really a cloning machine!

Band On The Run
What happens when the boys flee all their responsibilities?

I Read the News Today
John's efffects on the world had he lived.

Martha My Dear
Paul and Martha have a misunderstanding and Martha runs away.

A Flower For A Beatle
After having an argument with John, George goes to the park where he find a lost little girl named Laura.

Sounds of Silence
Paul must save John on that dreaded day in December 1980.

This fic isn't currently on-line. I'll post the new link when I find it.
The story follows the lives of John Silver, a John Lennon look-alike living in 19th century Liverpool, his sister Martha and their evil brother William.

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