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(Note: Time Out closed its doors in October, 2000. This page will be reworked into a memorial page, with many more photos of the deconstruction, someday. This is a graphics intensive page, please be patient.)

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Time Out On the Court

located at Forest Fair Mall near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Time Out, operated by Namco, is a large amusement complex. In addition to three gamerooms, the facility features a Ferris wheel, a carousel, bumper cars, and other rides.

In addition, there is Gorillarama, a soft activity for the kids, and also miniature golf, pool tables, and many simulator type games.

All of this is located within a large modern shopping mall, with a large food court and theater complex.

Here's a picture of the Zamperla Ferris wheel:

A picture of the Zamperla Ferris wheel reflected in the skylight:

A picture of the Chance carousel:

Here's another picture of the carousel:

Here are a couple of the carousel horses:

Two views from the upper level:

The Samba Ride

Here are two views of the main gameroom:

Here are two views of the Midway:

The Redemption Gameroom - where you can win tickets:

The Redemption Counter - where you redeem tickets for prizes:

And if you are interested, here are a couple of websites Namco operates - get information about new arcade and Playstation games, gameroom locations, game and merchandise purchasing, and employment:

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