This is where Cheryl and Ash tried to get over the bridge.  It's not there because Sam and the crew were given permission to destroy it for the movie.
This hole would have been under the cabin.  Pretty creepy, but only 2ft deep.
Remember someone running past this tree?
This is what is left of the fireplace.  Some dumb ass burned the place down over 20 years ago.
Some shots from the front and back.  Below you can see some of the leftovers from the tin roof.
I am a huge Evil Dead fan, and when I had the opportunity to visit a friend who just moved to Chattanooga, I could not resist the temptation to hit Morristown, TN on the way.
You'd almost miss the entrance it's so grown over.  Across the street is where the owners nephew lives.  I asked permission, and he said sure.  Real laid back.
I have video of this trip, plus another time I went.  If you are interested in a copy email me at [email protected]
$10.00 plus postage.  It's an amature video, but great resolution.  Walk down drive, lot's of cabin area, really no commentary at all.  A great collectors item.
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