This is NOT real! It is all part of a simulated game!

None of the content on the pages of Steady Acres are real.
Steady Acres is a simulated stable in the world of All-SIM.

What is a SIM game?
A SIM (simulated) game is where people have pretend horses to take care of. We show, breed, take care of and have fun with imaginary horses. SIM games are not only fun, it is also a great way to learn. You learn about horses; what breds are out there and what they usually compete in, you learn about pedigrees and color genetics. You learn how much it costs as you'll have to "take them" to the vet and farrier and board them, or open your own stable. You learn about shows and classes, and allmost anything you need to know about keeping horses. SIM-players spend many hours a week, some even every day to show and breed and look after their horses. We can work for hours to get the "perfect horse", finding a good pedigree and beautiful pictures. We all stribe to have the best horse, both in real life and in our own little SIM world.

Found a picture that belongs to you?
If you find a picture or pedigree on these pages that are yours, I ask that you take it as a compliment, as I find this horse really beautiful. I have tried my best to not use pictures that are copyrighted, but there will allways be the chance that one slips through. If you find a picture here that belongs to you, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will take it down immidiatly. I would also be happy to give you credit for the picture, if you would allow me to keep the picture up.

Found a horse that belongs to you?
If it were up to me there would be no real horses in sim games, but unfortunately there are people who don't feel the same. I myself would not use a real horse, but most of my horses are "bought" from other simmers. If there is any horse here that has the same stats or pedigree as yours it is most likely a coinsident, but if both stats and pedigree is the same, please contact me and I will change the horse.

I do not claim that any of the horses on these pages are mine in real life, but I am the one who have designed these pages, and I ask that no-one uses my layout or texts without asking me first.

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