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Name Ana Kerona
Breed Thoroughbred
Gender Filly
Age 3 Years
Color Black
Height 16.1hh
Former Owner Bred by me:)
Disciplines Halter, Racing

Ana was bred by me with the great racehorse sire Anarchy. She is fast as lightning and a complete angel to handle. Not hot-headed at all, but still she will give it all on the track. She has an amazing will to win, and when she's first, nobody will be let past her. A gorgeous girl, who also is the perfect racer!

King Arthur
Round Table
Court Maid
Cox Ridge
Brave Raj
Peaks And Valleys
Mt Livermore
Strike A Pose
Runaway Groom
Raja Dora

Brood Fee Not for brood
Progeny None

Earnings $882,533
Race Record 25: 6-4-5 (Other: 10)

Show Record

2 Y/O

SNAK Life Is Super! racemeet
3rd in Maiden 6F on turf for 2YO open gender (+$10,000)

SNAK Maybe Tomorrow Is a Better Day racemeet
1st in Maiden 7F on dirt open (+$22,000)

The Chain Racemeet 2006
1st in 9 Furlogs for Juvenile Fillies

SNAK Magic of August racemeet
2nd in Allowance 11F on dirt open (+$30,000)

Fruits in Finnish Racemeet
4th in Ananas Allowance Race - Mile on turf (+$7,000)

Vegetables in Finnish Racemeet
2nd in Peruna Race - Grade III, 5 furlongs on dirt (+$70,000)

SNAK Moulin Rouge racemeet
2nd in Ewan McGregor GIII 10F on dirt open (+$55,000)

Cool Cars Racemeet
3rd in Cadillac Classic Race - Grade III, 9 furlongs on dirt (+$30,000)

2006 Never To Late Racemeet
9th in Here We Go Again: 9 Furlogs on Dirt G3

Ashton 2006 Racemeet
1st in Woodpecker: 9 Furlogs on Dirt G3

SNAK Sunny Morning racemeet
7th in G2 8F on turf open

Six Flags Racemeet
3rd in Kingda Ka Race Grade II, 5 furlongs on dirt (+$35,000)

October Graded Races
4th in GII Suomi Stakes - 9 furlongs on turf (+$43,200)

From The Start Racemeet
3rd in Darley Alcibiades Stakes (+$73,333)

Always have Hope Racemeet
1st in My Dear Girl Stakes, 2yo f, 8.5f . (+$250,000)

Ten Years Later Racemeet
1st in J J'sdream Stakes, 2yo f, 6f. (+$250,000)

REC Roll The Dice Cup 2006
1st in G2 10 Furlong Dirt

Kickin Up Dirt Racemeet 2006
3rd in 12 Furlogs on Dirt G1 (+$1,000)

3 Y/O

Hellbourne Racemeet 2006
10th in 12 Furlogs on Dirt G1

Myrtle Beach Racemeet 2006
8th in 12 Furlogs on Dirt G1

Lily Pad Racemeet 2006
2nd in 12 Furlongs on Dirt G1 (+$6,000)

Winter Race Series Part I
16th in WRS Grade I - 3 yo open gender - 1 1/4 dirt

Winter Race Series Part II
13th in WRS Grade I - 3 yo - Fillies - 1 1/4 - dirt

The Crossroads Racing Prospect/Producer Show
3rd in Get of Dam Halter Class 1, w/Kerosene

2007 Winter Race Series Part III
6th in WRS Grade I - 3 yo - Fillies - 1 1/4 - dirt

CS Hot Wheels G1 Race
4th in 10 Furlongs On Turf G1 Race

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