B.sc Physics is a very good option after 12th class if you are looking to do something in the science field.But in order to score good marks in it you need the right Bsc Physics Books and notes. Some of the highly recommended books for B.sc Physics areMechanics by D.S. Mathur (S. Chand Publishing), General Properties of Matter by J.C. Upadhyay, Elements of Properties of Matter by D.S. Mathur (S. Chand Publishing), Electricity & Magnetism by D.C. Tayal, Brijlal and Subrahmanyam -Waves and Oscillations, Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Mechanism by S. Chand, Optics by S.Chand,Solid State Physics by Laxmi Publications, Advanced Quantum Mechanics by B.S. Rajput, Electricity and Magnetism by A. S. Mahajan and A. Rangwala, Atomic & Molecular Physics by Rajkumar,Elements of Electronics by S. Chand & Co. These are some Bsc Physics Notes , you can choose according to your own preference.