The Philosopher Guard is a decentralized organization(s) that holds a single ideology at its foundation: That ethical philosophers should have greater power than all other groups and individuals. The Philosopher Guard is composed of phalanxes which are composed of volunteers. These phalanxes may have their own defined ideologies and goals. Phalanxes may or may not accept other phalanxes as legitimate. It is not required for phalanxes to acknowledge which other phalanxes they do or don't accept as legitimate. In essence, this means that there is actually more than 1 Philosopher Guard. Any group of individuals who deem themselves philosophers may create a phalanx and proclaim themselves as volunteers of the Philosopher Guard. The purpose of this strategy is to discourage groupthink and to create an unbreakable culture of fanatical philosophers.


Most members of the Beyond Death Phalanx have expertise in applied economics, history, and sociology. The main goal of the Beyond Death Phalanx is to provide education on these matters with our manifesto. Another is to assist other phalanxes to establish themselves, regardless of ideology. The Beyond Death Phalanx also takes part in other undisclosed operations.