Our mission is to bring social, economic, political, and spiritual power to radical philosophers.
We have no predetermined ideology, our paths are chosen by our philosophers.

to enlist with us or support us financially or materially, email [email protected]

note: this website is maintained by the Beyond Death Phalanx. This is not the official site of the Philosopher Guard. The Philosopher Guard is an umbrella term for an unknown number of decentralized phalanxes. Though in some cases there is cooperation, each phalanx determines its own actions, characteristics, and destiny individually. The Beyond Death Phalanx is not officially affiliated with any other phalanxes. However, we may or may not be able to get contact information for you depending on which one it is, and we may also assist you in starting your own phalanx.

Ranks within a phalanx are normally decided by the highest ranking volunteer in the phalanx, however, sometimes a rank is carried over from another organization (including another phalanx). There is no official chain of command between different phalanxes, but often the format the Forward Guard established is used. In this situation the rank of the highest ranking volunteer of a phalanx is decided by 3 other higher ranking volunteers from different phalanxes. If there are no other volunteers that are higher ranked it is often self appointed. Due to the informality of inter-phalanx relations the rank of the highest ranking volunteer of a phalanx is often self appointed or agreed upon by fellow volunteers of the the phalanx. This means that even the Grand Marshal has no official power over any volunteer of a phalanx outside his own. Rank structure may vary in different phalanxes.


tyro | janissary | sentinal | hoplite | stormer

basic corporal | lead corporal | command corporal | konstabel (constable) | sergeant | warden


apprentice technician | seasoned technician | advanced technician | elite technician

junior adjutant | skilled adjutant | expert adjutant | chief adjutant


cadet lieutenant | deputy lieutenant | first lieutenant | centurion (captain) | major | kommandant | coronel (colonel)

general | senior general | marshal | grand marshal

The default uniform is the same as the uniform for the former Forward Guard: navy BDU pants, gray military dress shirt, black bdu cap, olive undershirt, black belt, and black boots. Most phalanxes still seem to adopt this uniform as their default, however, phalanxes sometimes customize their uniforms. In some cases phalanxes even have varying uniforms for different ranks or purposes.

A volunteer wearing the traditional uniform shirt of the guard.

A kommandant performing the Bellamy Salute. The Bellamy Salute is done while the volunteer states the name of their phalanx for greetings and farewells.

Grand Marshal Jones in summer uniform.

The guard was previously known as the Forward Guard. Once Coronel Jones became the highest ranking volunteer he decentralized the organization.

The original flag.

The original falcon.

Former leader of the guard.

Jones as Kommandant.

An old poster used by the guard.

The Beyond Death Phalanx is not affiliated with the following phalanxes. This is not a complete list of phalanxes. To have your phalanx listed here email us. Each phalanx is generally composed of volunteers who have similar or dynamically integratable purposes and goals.


Mace And Moon.

Violent Owl.