It is always a delight to review new Australian music and on this disc, champion of Australian piano music, Jeanell Carrigan, gives a superb interpretation of works by composer Phillip Wilcher, a prolific writer of accessible piano music. Wilcher's style is free-flowing, with an underlying romantic character, one in which melodic line and lyricism are all-important elements.

There are 15 works on this disc, one of which, A ROSE IN WATER is dedicated to Miriam Hyde, Wilcher's mentor from an early age. The TWO INTERMEZZI that open the disc together with THE GARDEN AT VETHEUIL and FOREVER BENEATH THE WAVES are charming lyrical works, whilst one can detect a Chopinesque character to the PRELUDE, the stormy BALLADE (for Clive Robertson) and the mournful TRISTESSE(for Julie Simonds).

ABOUT SCRIABIN (for Felix Hayman)shows the influence of that composer's harmonic palette;the STUDIES IN E MINOR and Eb MINOR are short, contrasting works that require technical surety whilst the CD's namesake, SHIMMER, has the translucent quality often found in Wilcher's music. The nocturne character of THE DREAMER AND THE DREAM (for Paul Carasco) is very evident-the influence of Chopin again apparent. TWIRL (for Jye Frasca) is a delightful work with a somewhat 'dizzy' character no doubt intended by the composer and that puts one in mind of Ibert.

This is beautiful music that is easy and pleasurable to listen to, the result of phillip Wilcher's fine craftsmanship and Jeanell Carrigan's clear and uninhibited performances.

Scores and discs of Phillip Wilcher's music are available at the Australian Music Centre and this CD is highly recommended.

Review by Dr. Rita Crews
Review Source:The Studio Quarterly Magazine,The Music Teachers Association of New South Wales Vol.11 No.2
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