D.C-ene Comp
D.C-ene - CD/COMP

1. The Smizokes- Bitchsmack
2. Subsist- World To Me
3. The Goons- Bad Excuse
4. The Velveteens- Valentine
5. The Standards- Barry White
6. Channel 43- Nite Lite
7. The Players- Shotgun
8. Red Angel Dragnet- A Saturday In May
9. Plan Nine USA- Beach Blanket Bingo
10. Jinxed At Twelve- Flux Capaciter
11. Over It- B-54
12. The Favorites- Mr. Skinny
13. The Mallstars- Super
14. The Overprivileged- We Love Cops
15. Ratchet Boys- Farragut North
16. Fall Guy- Better Than Him
17. The Pie Tasters- Maggie Mae
18. Spitfires United- Working
19. Chaotix- A-Political
20. Day Care Swindlers- Drag 'Em In
21. Standard Issue- Like A Fox

To order please send $7(postage paid)cash or check to:
1554 Brownsville Dr
Herndon, VA 20170

Make Checks out to :

Patrick Cassidy

(cash is accepted as well, but make sure the cash is VERY well concealed)

*We ship within 72 hours of reciving your order, it should take about 6 days (or less) to get to you if you are in the MD/VA/DC area.


June 16th 
corner kick in Gaithersburg, MD
Ratchet Boys
The Players
Plan nine USA
The Max Levine Ensemble

for more info


June 17th
The Kaffa House, Washington, DC
Daycare Swindlers
Let it Burn
The Standards
7 cents

www.spitfiresunited.com for more info

[email protected]


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