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Filmography:: page 1
1994 ~ Sex on the Beach
CAST:: Paul Carrigan, (P.C.)
                      Adam Cline,Stephen Geoffreys
1995 ~ The Lure
Director. Jim Steel
CAST:: Brett Ford, Jake Holloway,Mike Lamas,                           Brad Michaels, P.C. Steve Rodgers,
                          Frank Sterling.
~ *The Lure* is a sex club where anything goes and allows the viewer a glimpse into the gritty world of back alley sex.
1996 ~ Leather Training Center
        Director. John Simms
CAST:: P.C. Kyle McKenna,  Drew Andrews,
                           Chaz Carlton, Kent Burk,  Stud Boy,
                           Scott Johnson, Matt Windsor,
                            Gabriel Lee.
~ Paul is the tough trainer who teaches  trainee
     Kyle McKenna  good slave behavior . Paul is really sexy       and hot in this  movie, one of my favorites.
1996 ~ Three Brothers
        Director. Gino Colbert & Sam Slam
CAST:: P.C. Vince, Hal & Shane  Rockland, Anthony Gallo,
                          Derek Cameron, Paul Morgan,
~ Paul Carrigan  is the perfect john conned by Vince in the first episode of the hardcore adventures of real-life porn stars Rockland brothers.
1996 ~ Rescue 69-11
        Director. Jim Steel
CAST:: P.C. Adam Rom, Cort Stevens, Nick Steel, Brad Michaels,                           Bruno,Jordan Young, David Cline, Mickey Skee
~ Paul Carrigan and Adam Rom are the two men involved in the first scene of several 6911  distress calls, narrated by  Bruno.
1996 ~ Plugged In
        CAST:: P.C. Allen Baker, Dakota, Chad Knight, Corey White,                                  Tommy Lawrence, Wesley Parker, Justin Side,Jake Taylor.
1996 ~ Body Shop
        Director. Casey & Peter O'Brian
CAST:: Tim Boyd, P.C. Donovan Carey, Vic Hall, Jim Schortz, Carl Seer,                             Sweet Williams,  Dom Sinclair, Troy Steele.
~ At this body shop, they sure are good at pounding out dents and filling holes!
1996 ~ Hung Jury: 12 Horny Men
        Director. Casey & Peter O'Brian
CAST:: Bohdi, P.C. Ty Davenport, Jason Nikas,, Sweet Williams,
                           Kyle McKenna, Doug Jeffries, Chris McKenzie, Tony Molina,                                   Marc Pierce, Tanner Reeves, Cutter West,
~ An all-star cast in an erotic courtroom feature
1996 ~ Picture Perfect
        CAST:: Todd Stevens, Kyle Hunter, Sam Crockett, Tim Lowe,  P.C.,
                          Troy Halston, David Cline, Marcus Day, Kurt Stefano,
                           Chad Donovan,
~ Todd is so perfect that nobody can resist him!
1996 ~ Sex in Leather
        Director. Jeff Blakk
CAST:: Scott Hardman,Eduardo,Drew Andrews, P.C.,
                           Max Grand, Carl Seer, Eric Woods, Chris Yeager
~ The director shows how good leather and sex can be.
1996 ~ Time in the Hole
        Director. Richard Douglas
CAST:: Bohdi, Mason Walker, P.C., Sam Dixon, Morgan Allen,
                           David Cline, Bobby Golden, Patrick Ives, Anthony Mengetti
~ Bohdi and Mason Walker learn the hard way how to do hard time..
1996 ~ The Olympians
        Director. Thor Stephens
CAST:: Phil Bradley, Derek Cruise,Scott Randsome, Tony Brocco, P.C.,
                           Jim Reeves, Brandon Wells, Sweet Williams, Chance Caldwell,
                            Todd Moore, Duncan Starr
~ A video  about nude wrestling with an impressive cast..
1996 ~ The Selection
        CAST:: Chris Colt, Brock McKay, Eric York, Marcelo Reeves, P.C.,
                           Dillon Colter, Rip Stone, Alan Reeves
~ A video  about some solo action..
1996 ~ Dynastud 3
        Director. Brian Boxer
CAST:: P.C. Matt Bradshaw, Austin, Alex Ferrara, Doug Forbes,
                           Damian Ford, Chris Ramsey
~Filmed on location in Palm Beach and Beverly Hill. Paul is back in action after he checks into his penthouse and begins his spiritual quest for sexual gratification of some of the hottest men around.
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