Got "Box of Rocks" (Clatter Noise) and Poor Engagement?

START the new year off right.
Get Dr Virago Pete's PowerClip8 Kit Today.

Solve that clattering rattling premature-disengagement noise commonly known as "box of rocks" Viragos are famous for. Only $144.99 plus shipping/handling

This listing contains the following items Brand New (you'll receive factory sealed) and in original Yamaha package:

1) PYA clip Genuine Yamaha - Replaces your worn clip with the real thing. Get back the power. Made of hardened heat-treated solid steel.

2) Solid Stainless steel PowerClip8 - Reduces or fully eliminates rattle sound Viragos are known for. Better than any clip on the market. Fully adjustable for as much boost as you need. Will not rust - ever!

3) Triple Shim Rings - Genuine DrViragoPete (See bulletin listed as "Washer" or "Shim") Accept no immitations. Non-slip design. Made of Galvanized solid steel.

4) Starter System Repair CD-ROM Helps first timers do it the right way. Even experienced mechanics can benefit from this disc full of videos and insights about the XV series.

Work today and ride tommorrow. You will be amazed at the great starts due to the Proven Best! PowerClip8 You will be amazed at the extra starter power you will have.

99% satisfaction on EVERY Virago Part, kit, and remanufacture ever. Excellent quality you can depend on.

This kit is a perfect fit for the following bikes:
1981-1983 XV750 Virago
1983 XV750 Midnight Virago
1981-1983 XV920 Virago
1983 XV920 Midnight Virago
1981-1982 XV920R Virago (applicable to RJ also)
1984-1985 XV700
1981-1985 XV1000 & XV1100 (applicable to models with round profile PYA "horseshoe" clip. Square profile PYA clips need my Flywheel remanufacture- not included here see my other ad listing for more details)

Applicable to some Pre-Viragos 1981 and earlier V-Twins. If you have questions just email me. Questions regarding applicability of unlisted models are no trouble at all- just ask.

Questions? Contact me with an email message. I always answer questions and have excellent communication feedback also. At your service. [email protected]

Read the bulletins, look at the diagrams. Follow all of the directions for best results. Fix it right or have it fixed for you- either way include my parts kit- you'll always be glad you did.

This kit is designed for the do-it-yourselfer with some motorcycle experience, and you can see a definite improvement in your bike's ability to start after performing this upgrade.

If your bike has no engagement before it clatters to a stop- you need my flywheel & #2 Idler remanufacture. Why- your teeth are very worn. Don't listen to the other guy's ad as he is a con. He will tell you anything to make a sale. He even says the flywheel is made of hardened steel and doesn't wear. Bullxxxx! He says only the #2 Idler gear wears. Same answer. If you have over 13000 miles on your bike (will vary due to useage and whether your bike was a commuter bike used for long trips) the right solution is getting your Flywheel teeth and #2 Idler gear teeth redone by me on my custom machine. See my other ad listing.

Enjoy your bike, you'll love it once you get it to run.

Get your Genuine Kit and Enjoy riding your Virago !

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Get your Genuine Upgrade parts right here. Authentic Parts Guaranteed to Fix Your Starter Troubles.

Guaranteed: You will have GREAT results. Buy yours today, and Enjoy your autumn riding your Virago. Riding your Virago saves on gas expense too.

Be sure to check out ALL of my ad listings- More Great Virago Items- Just what you were looking for!

Some words of advise- never drill or pin your starter. Never flip your #2 Idler gear and install it backwards. If you see a seller advising you to do these things- don't buy that product.

Reasons to buy my Virago Starter Shim Kit over the other guys kit:
1) High Quality Parts (2 of his parts come from a hardware store)
2) Works excellent due to good design (his falls off and slips dispite the expensive manufacturing machine due to poor design)
3) Doesn't tear up the Flywheel (his does)
4) Everything I sell is original and non-copied off someone else. (he copied everything including the photos)
5) Motorcycle Dealerships use my kits (sometimes dealerships buy his a few times and then switch to mine because it works better)
6) My kit eliminates the clatter sound and helps it engage excellent (his kit works for as long as it takes for you to write positive feedback- reminds you of manufacturer's warranties on appliances which break down just after the warranty period is up- right?
7) Solves internal starter slippage problems (his solution is to over tighten bolts and solves one problem by creating another problem - bad idea)
8) I check my email regularly and answer questions promptly- the other guy doesn't. And believe me you will have a domino-effect of problems after installing the other guy's stuff.
Keep reading for more facts:

Beware of the other guy's advertisements because he has a VIVID imagination. For example, he says beware of other sellers advising you to drill through your starter. WHO IS ADVISING THAT? ANYONE? I haven't seen ANY seller advising that.

I have however seen Internet forum discussions talking about this topic. Listen, when you get free information from forums - you take your chances on the information. Sellers, on the other hand need to give 100% true accurate by-the-book answers. I DO! My genuine products come in their original bag, and I ADVISE you to read the specifications and tighten your bolts as listed in the bulletin. Don't listen to amateurs. WHY? Because you can and will ruin your bike. How do I know? I remanufacture Virago Flywheels (see my other ad listing) and almost every single one comes in chewed up and requires extensive time and effort to fix. Why- because the other guy's kit is the FIRST thing most people install when they hear the clatter. THE OTHER GUY'S KIT IS A BAD KIT and will ruin your flywheel. Do not follow the other people buying that product. Follow my advice and avoid the other guy's stuff. Get my non-damaging truly beneficial kit right here.

On the other hand, he is advising people to overtighten their starter head locking it down. At the same time he is talking about the pinning of the starter (no seller is advising you do this) he mentions that backfiring is a risk. Well listen- if you lock down your starter and over tighten your bolts (see Yamaha service bulletin in this listing for the ABSOLUTE FACTS) what do you think you are doing in case of a backfire? THE SAME THING. The other guy is an amateur, and you should regard his ad as BullXXXX. He is advising you against MAKE-BELIEVE sellers who advise you to do things that he mentions. He is the ONLY CHEAP fix there is. You get what you pay for. He will beat any deal because his is all non-genuine and the LOWEST CHEAPEST QUALITY. He warns you against cheap sellers- listen HE IS the cheap (as in junk) seller.

If you look at the other guy's ad you will see some things that you may not notice without me pointing it out. Don't park your bike on the grass with your kickstand. Bad idea. Don't walk on grass with high heels. Bad idea. Don't write the word America or American on someone's XXX. Bad idea. Selling Virago parts but showing a different model bike in your photo. Bad Idea.

And another thing, I don't show my delivery man/woman photos. You know why? You wouldn't want them to forget their pants, but they will deliver your product carefully and promptly. And they won't forget their pants or your package guaranteed.

Trust Dr Virago Pete products to get your bike to run right! No gimmicks. All parts will be in their original factory package so you know it is Genuine.

There's no better time to get your bike in shape. Some elbow grease today gets you ready for riding season. Don't put it off another day.

Be sure to print out this ad listing and all of the Virago Items I have. I appreciate your business, and you will appreciate having a good starting bike!

A Virago for a Quick getaway?
Worried about Starting Issues?
Solve It With Dr Virago Pete's products.
What You Do With Your Bike Is YOUR Business.
Helping you get your bike to START great is MY Business.

Some of the many 100% satisfied feedback comments received:

Good product good communication
Pete, your Powerclip 8 / shim kit worked great!!
Very, very nice item! Quick shipping and a great seller! Thank you!
My bike was a low mileage bike. this kit fixed it and the instrution c.d. AAA+++
PowerClip8 & 3Shim & 2CD Kit Fast shipping - Product as advertised
PowerClip8 Kit works GREAT!!! Excellent Quality, FAST Shipping, Excellent Email
A++++++ transaction.
Perfect personal service. Professional
Extremely fast shipping and the "PowerClip8 Kit" was the fix I needed, THANKS
VIRAGO STARTER CLIP/SHIMS: repairman say 3.5 hr job $70/hr so I saved $200!!
Great ..., quick shipped. PowerClip8 is the best.
item arrived promptly and in good condition. Thanks.
Kit fixed my starter, That "power clip8" WORKS! Thanks for all the help!!
Thanks the video really is great and the shim kit worked perfectly

If you need other Genuine Brand New Virago Parts (engine case cover gasket, Large spring, or other parts not included in this listing) email me. I combine shipping. Let me know what you need,

Dr Virago Pete (email: [email protected]) I answer all emails personally. I have had the same email address for 5 years.

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You'll love your bike once you get it to run.

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