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Programs for the Hewlett Packard HP39g+

Click on the picture or program name to download the ZIP file. You will need a program such as WinZip or !SparkPlug to decompress the file.

ANOVA program

Performs the statistical test 'one-way Analysis of Variance' on sets of data.
13K ZIP file. Includes full instructions.
Simultaneous equation solver Simultaneous Equations
Automates the solving of simultaneous equations.
Can solve systems of up to 80 unknowns.
16K Zip file. Includes full instructions.
Su Doku solver Su Doku Solver
If you are tired of the Su Doku craze, here is proof that the puzzle is so easy even a pocket calculator can solve it!
This is a program which allows the HP39g+ to solve any standard 9x9 grid, usually in less than 30 minutes.
Requires about 25K of free memory.
24K ZIP file includes instructions.
AstroCalc Ephemeris AstroCalc Ephemeris
Produces a table of the right ascensions/declinations, altitudes and azimuths, rising and setting times etc. of the Sun, Moon and planets for any date and location.
Requires about 34K of free memory.
46K ZIP file includes instructions and annotated program listings.
Unit conversions and physical constants Convert
An aplet to perform conversions between more than 100 units of measurement, metric and imperial.
Also provides physical constants. Needs 13K of free memory.
29K ZIP file with instructions, tables of conversion factors and program listings.
Prime factor finder Factors
A small program to find the prime factors of integers up to 12 digits long.
9K ZIP file includes instructions and program listing.
Planetary orbit demos Orbits
An aplet to demonstrate the effect of eccentricity on the shape of planetary orbits, and Kepler's 2nd law.
49K ZIP file includes detailed instructions and program listings.
The information on the theory of orbits may be useful even without a HP39g+ calculator to run the aplet on.
Spearman's Correlation Coefficient Spearman
Calculates Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient for data in the Statistics aplet.
28K ZIP file with instructions, an example and program listing.


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