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Industrial archaeology is the investigation of buildings and relics of superseded industrial processes.
Investigation may involve excavation of sites of buildings, study of obsolete machinery, survey of existing remains or study of firms' records.
It is often an amateur pursuit but there are also some national societies, including the Newcomen Society and the Railway and Canal Historical Society.

Manchester Bolton and Bury Canal

Towpath Guide

Has old and new photographs of locations along the canal between Bury and Bolton.

Bury Local History

Bury Local History Society

Numerous articles concerning Bury's history, not specifically industry.

Industrial Archaeology

Association for Industrial Archaeology

A national organisation interested in researching, recording and preserving Britain's industrial past.

Bury History

Historic Lancashire Organisation

The Bury page has articles on local historical sites.

History of Engineering

The Newcomen Society

Concerned with the technical aspects of engineering and technology history.

Alan Godfrey Maps

Alan Godfrey Maps

Reprints of Ordnance Survey 1:2500 large scale maps from around 1900 to 1930. Price about £2.50 each.
Many of the industrial archaeology sites which are now just ruins were still in use or at least mostly complete at the time these maps were drawn. Very useful for identifying remains.

Historical Maps

Scanned copies of large-scale maps from around 1850 available to view or for sale as printed versions.


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