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Construction of the MK14

The following annotated drawing of the Science of Cambridge MK14 appeared in an advertisement in Practical Electronics in 1979:

Internal components of MK14

In some respects the MK14 was a continuation of Sinclair's line of programmable calculators, such as this Sinclair Cambridge Programmable:

Sinclair Cambridge programmable calculator

Peripherals for the MK14

Science of Cambridge marketed a range of peripherals to expand the usefulness of the MK14 somewhat:

VDU Module

  • Cost £33.75
  • 12 lines of 16 upper-case ASCII characters
  • or 4096 total pixels graphics
  • Output to UHF television

Cassette Interface Module

  • Cost £7.25
  • 110 baud serial interface
  • Store programs on a domestic cassette recorder
  • Communicate with other computers

Power Supply

  • Cost £6.10
  • Not really optional unless you provided your own PSU
  • 8 volts at 600 mA
  • Sufficient to power the MK14 and all its peripherals

PROM Programmer

  • Cost £11.85
  • For permanent storage of programs in 748571 PROMs
  • PROM then replaced the MK14's normal ROM
  • For making customised microcontrollers

I/O Device

  • Cost £8.97
  • 16 Input / Output lines
  • Extra 128 bytes of RAM

Additional RAM

  • Cost £4.14
  • 256 bytes
  • Fitted on main circuit board

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