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1980s Computers Explanation of terms

The DAI Computer

DAI Computer


Data Applications International (Belgium)



Date Launched




Microprocessor type

Intel 8080A @ 2 MHz
Optional AMD 9511 maths coprocessor

ROM size

24 kilobytes

Standard RAM

8 kilobytes

Maximum RAM

48 kilobytes
(Used bank switching to allow the total ROM + RAM to exceed 64KB.)

Keyboard type

Typewriter style

Supplied language

BASIC, semi-compiled to run quickly

Text resolution

66 x 24 characters

Graphics resolution

88 x 65, 176 x 130, or 352 x 260 pixels.
512 x 244 mode added later.

Colours available

4 or 16 at all resolutions


3 channels through television, or in stereo through external amplifier

Cassette load speed

600 baud
Could control two cassette recorders.

Dimensions (mm)
Weight (grams)

450 x 380 x 120
Not known

Special features

The depression in the case above the keyboard was designed to hold books while typing.

Good points

Better graphics and sound than most of its competitors at the time it was launched.

Bad points

Was too expensive for the home market.
Case was reported to be flimsy.

How successful?

Did not sell well, despite its high specification.


Although the DAI was a good design for its time it was poorly marketed and never attracted a following.

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