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Information on the early history of Research Machines Limited is sketchy, but it is known that Mike Fischer and Michael O'Regan, respectively graduates in physics and economics, founded the company in 1973 to introduce technology into education.

The first computer to be put on the market by RML was the 380Z in 1979, followed by the 480Z in 1982. They produced their first MS/DOS compatible machine in 1985.

Unlike most of the other early computer companies, who tended to opt for their own proprietary hardware and software designs, Research Machines stuck to the the 'industry standard' design of the time. Thus the 380Z and 480Z ran the CP/M operating system and later models ran Microsoft Windows.

This approach of giving schools what they want has allowed RML to stay in the educational computer system business while most of their competitors fell by the wayside, and they are still trading as of 2008.

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