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Fandom Links
Fruits Basket
Confiture de Fruits

A great general fandom site with lots and lots of pretty pictures. It's helpful to know some French, but if you just want to look at the pictures, the site's still pretty easy to navigate :)
Butterfly Links
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Dai Bouken's Fruit Basket Site

Another great, all-round site with some translations and images. A good place both to get started and to get some slightly more specific series information.
These are far and away not comprehensive, miss several of my major fandoms and scratch the surface on the links of the others. Think of it as a 'Greatest Hits' Collection :) Some of these sites have link pages mentioned- as much as possible I've tried to avoid duplicating these :)
Daisuki- Furuba

Eee! Pretty pictures! Many, many pretty pictures! And other stuff too. But Pretty pictures!
Festival of Fireflies

Site featuring good adult Furuba fic. No- it's not an oxymoron ;)
(As this site contains adult content you must be above the age of consent in your area to view this material. By clicking on this link you are acknowledging these terms)
Merrow's Random Fandom

One of the best sites in the fandom- fiction, images, manga summaries. Merrow's also one of the best writers in the fandom- I highly recommend checking her stuff out, although 'Belated Gift' is not for the squeamish.

Red Butterfly

Doujinshi Scanlations. *Good* doujinshi scanlations. Instigated by Merrow.

Suba Furuba

Although they've taken down a lot of their images, this is still a great general fandom site if you have a bit of knowledge of French.
Harry Potter
Well, this is barely scratching the surface of my Harry Potter links, but I decided that I just wanted to focus on my Hermione links, with one exception. Go arbitrariness!
Books and Freckles (Hermione/Weasleys)

I love Inell. Inell started this site. I have a Charlie/Hermione obsession, with a side of Ginny/Hermione. Sue me.

Granger/Black: reason + passion

-Sigh- While my OTP for Harry Potter is actually Remus/Hermione, the site for them isn't updated all that often. This is and has some amazing stuff on it.

Hermione Granger's Forbidden Loves (Alternate Hermione Pairings)

Hermione. Alternate Pairings. Although it hasn't been updated in a bit, this was originally started to try and track alternate pairings that one couldn't find by using the character search on FFNet. Some good, some bad, some ugly- it's still a pretty comprehensive collection.

It's Always The Quiet Ones (Hermione, Draco, Blaise. In all possible combinations.)

Inell started this site. See above. And yes- I *am* obsessed with Hermione.

McTabby's "Often Infested with Nargles"

If you're going to read one individual fansite for Harry Potter, make it this one. For the Summary Executions alone. Although the multiple drabbles on bizarre pairings are more then worth the price of admission.


Visit this site and well, you pretty much don't need to go anywhere else. Has everything fandom related.
Green Tea Forums

I think it has some of the best and most thought-provoking discussions in the fandom. Take a look through and decide for yourself.

Inuyasha Fanfiction Challenge

A drabble/one shot community that regularly features great stories from some of the best writers in the fandom. Tends to have more positive, upbeat entries.

Inuyasha Fanfiction Contest

A drabble/one shot community that regularly features great stories from some of the best writers in the fandom. Tends to have more quirky, dark, often odd entries. Yes- this would be the one I tend to enter more :)

Jane Austen
Austen Interlude

A great collection of several Austen writers- I particularly recommend Abigail R, Belen and Lucy.

Derbyshire Writers' Guild

The Big Austen Site. All-ages friendly and everything from nuts to bolts. One of the few sites in the fandom that archives Austenia from books other than Pride and Prejudice. Quality varies, but pretty much everything under an M rating winds up here at some point.

Firthness (membership required for adult fiction)

Darcy!fic. Lots and lots of high quality Darcy-centric fic. There are all-age stories available on here, although membership is required to view the more adult fiction. This is a great site if you like some generally slightly more adult takes on AU versions of Pride and Prejudice or more adult, canon-based takes on the original reality.

Hyacinth Gardens (membership required)

Quite possibly my favorite Jane Austen site. Requires membership since it has some adult content, but has some of the best Jane Austen fanfic on the web.

Jane Austen's Land of Ahhh's!

I love Sharni and Karalou's stuff. They're very prolific and most of their writing is all-ages friendly. They write both Alternate Realities and Alternate Universes, so it's a great place to see the best of all worlds :) I highly recommend "Connections" by Sharni, which she'll hopefully be able to finish.

Lavender Girls (Rebecca E's Site)

I love "A Most Convenient Mishap". And, if she ever finished it, I would also love "A Shade in His Character". Not that I'm one to talk.

The Republic of Pemberley

Yay! A site devoted to all Jane Austen's novels. Unfortunately, I have yet to read a fanfic for my favorite novel (Persuasion) that I love, but I highly recommend some of the Mansfield Park ones.

Multi-Fandom Archives
30 Kisses

Not actually an archive, but a community devoted to answering the themes stated in the user info for a variety of fandoms and a variety of pairings. Search the memories if you're interested in a specific fandom pairing.

Guilty Pleasures

One of the best multi-fandom recommendation sites I've encountered. Has an anime focus and is most comprehensive for Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin. Strong bias towards canon pairings if the story is romantic, particularly in the two largest categories. The link page is amazing though- I'm trying to avoid duplicating it here. Basically all the Rurouni Kenshin and Inuyasha links you could possibly want are listed there as well.

Crossover pairings/threesomes/multisomes that do just that. Although that Voldemort/Blanche Dubois fic gave me chills.

And the Rest
Buffygiles.com (BtVS, pairing specific)

Buffy. Giles. Yeah.
The Immortal Slayer (BtVS)

Fiction featuring Buffy as an immortal or a vampire. This is an amazing site and I'm not just saying that because I love Morganna3. Her link section there also includes basically anything you'd want to find in the BtVS fandom, so I'm not even going to bother duplicating it :)
Nuns With Pens (membership required, Dark Angel-centric)

This is actually a site devoted to the characters played by the actor Jensen Ackles. Before you run away, I have to say that this has most of the best Dark Angel fanfic I've ever seen. Although there is an Alec-focus, the stories are diverse and, for the most part, well-written. Well worth checking out.

Scattered Logic (Labyrinth)

Some of the best Labyrinth fic on the web. Her stuff is amazing as well.

Wolverine and Rogue (X-men, pairing specific)

Well if you like reading Wolverine and Rogue, this has pretty much everything. And I do mean everything. I am a bad person who loves Victoria P.'s dark, dark alternate realities and Terri's consistently Bad!Jean. Yeah. Read the 'Alter-Eighteen's. You know you want to.
Writing Resources
Crit Sans Lube

I have to say that if you're looking for brutally honest, no holds barred critique, this is the place to go. Check it out and decide for yourself!

The Rumor Mill

If you're at all interested in doing non-fanfic Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing, this board is a wealth of information and has some relatively well-known (Hugo and Nebula nominated/winning) short story authors hanging out. Well worth checking out!

The Turkey City Lexicon

Forget Mary Sue- *this* is what you need to watch out for in your fics. Funny and helpful, this contains the sort of things you go, 'Oops!' and slink off to fix.

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