Before anything else, let me say, Pern is copyright to Anne McCaffrey, (c) 1967. This page is not here to make a profit by her words or work; no infringement on copyright is intended. Now on to the fun! Hey! I play on a lot of MOOs and a MUSH or two - essentially all Pern-themed. This is my character directory, if you will, it holds my alts. So, feel free to look around the character pages of mine.

Larna & brown Rashkecharath
High Reaches Weyr @ Harper's Tale
Mudslide Wing

Ista Hold Resident @ Harper's Tale


7/16/04 - Urgh, it's been....umm....a few years? Basically, to make a long story short: I was suffering a bit of RP burnout at the end of Larna's weyrlinghood, I was unhappy with a few alts I'd made when I was still new to the games, and I got very busy very quickly. School happened, then our computer died...I kept meaning to reinstall SimpleMu, and one thing led to another.

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