Media - Music Videos

We have made so many Yugioh Music Videos over the years from our former old site hosts. However, I did upload them to our Vimeo account. So go check these out! enjoy!

"These videos are 18 years old! 2003-2021+"

3 Doors Down: Kryptonite
Ace Of Base: Tokyo Girl
Amr Diab (Arabic) : ميال Mayal
Arr: Move Along
A Touch of Class (ATC): Set Me Free
Bon Jovi: Always
Creed: If Everyone Cared
Destiny's Child: Survivor
Dueran Duran: Ordinary World
Elton John: I'm Still Standing
Rocket Man
Evanescence: Bring Me To Life
E-Type: End Of The World
Girls Aloud: I'll Stand By You
Kelly Clarkson: Behind These Hazel Eyes
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Letters To Cleo: Cruel To Be Kind
Mariah Carey: Hero
Mercy Drive: Follow
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Metallica: Seek And Destroy
Michael Jackson: Beat It
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N*Sync: Bye Bye Bye
N-Trance: Destiny
Nickelback: If Everyone Cared
No Secrets: Kids In America
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Our Lady of Peace: Whatever
Papa Roach Sampler: Time And Time Again
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Powerman 5000: Drop The Bombshell
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Sting: Desert Rose
Virtuolocity: Pharaoh's Dreams
Walt Disney: He Lives In You
Zebrahead: Resecue Me
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