José G. Lepervanche

José G. Lepervanche, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, InfoAméricas . has been very active in the promotion and sales of online services, Internet, WWW, electronic and interactive media in The Americas. He is founder of ITINET, La Red de Las Americas (InfoAméricas). His efforts includes the business development, international operations, marketing planning and expansion of InfoAméricas/ITINET, and Internet in Spanish in speaking countries (Latin America and Spain) and to the Hispanics in the US.

He was VP of Innovative Telematics Inc., VP of International Marketing of DELPHI en Español and Director of DELPHI Venezuela, a pioneer online service in the country. He is also Lieutenant Commander (Retired) of the Venezuelan Navy and was Head of Electronics and Communications of a missilistic frigate and assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations. He was also Head of the RV-1 Research Reactor of Venezuela (The only one in the country).

Jose G. Lepervanche graduated (First of the Class) from the Venezuelan Naval Academy. He earned his Master of Science and Nuclear Engineer degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is also Honor Graduate of the International Electronic Warfare Course at the US Navy Atlantic Fleet Combat Training Center in Virginia. Mr. Lepervanche has been an Online and Internet professional for the last seven years. He frequently writes for professional magazines and has published several papers. He has been speaker in various conferences and seminars related to the Interamerican Infoway, Hispanics and Spanish Online, The Americas and Internet, Interamerican Agribusiness Infoway, Regional and Local Information in Latin America, Electronic mail and commerce, Internet Marketing, etc. He was speaker at COMDEX Hispanoamerica in Miami (1996) and the International Workshop on Mediatics and Technology Watch organized by UNESCO (1993). This conference was published in a UNESCO Proceedings book. Other consulting, conferences and seminars' areas included: Communications and Electronic Warfare, Leadership, Decision Making, Business Traveling, Energy and Nuclear Risks.

He has been active Scoutmaster (Wood Badge) for the last eleven years (leader, treasurer, public relations, Committee Chairman and Sea Explorer committee member) and board and founder member and events coordinator of the Venezuelan MIT Alumni Association, founder board member of the Venezuelan Online Association (Venezuela En Línea) and board member of MIT Club of South Florida. He has been awarded with plaques and decorations from Venezuela and US Navy, and Armed Forces from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

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