111th PVI Reenactors
Who we are:
The spirit of the 111th PVI is kept alive by men and women who strive to recreate the lives and times of the American Civil War.

The 111th PVI Regiment is comprised of over forty members of all ages and walks of life, with varied levels of interest.  We currently have two companies; Company B is in Warren County and Company H is in Erie County.  We are a non-profit, educational organization.  The Regiment often gives camp and tactical demonstrations, participate in battle reenactments, and has a comprehensive educational program.  Those interested in military tactics are given a variety of training in the soldiers drill from the original manuals before being allowed to take to the field.

The regiment is affiliated with the nationally recognized Western Brigade.

What we do:
The Regiment has participated in major battle reenactments.  The 140th Anniversary of the Antietem Battle was the most recent national event that we participated in.  At this battle, more than 15,000 soldiers took part in the event.  This year the 140th Anniversary for the Battle of Gettysburg will be the national event that we will attend.  This event will be taking place July 4th-6th, 2003.  We will also be traveling to many smaller events in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Virginia.

The 111th PVI Regiment has a company sized military camp with approximately two dozen tents as well as a civilian camp which sometimes portrays a medical field hospital.  Water is carried and fire pits are dug, straw is often used as bedding and our cooking is accomplished using period and reproduction cooking equipment as well as recipes from the era. Adding to the realism in camp, men, women and children are attired in period clothing and participate fully in activities.

Why we reenact:
"My father instilled in me a great love of history.  The main focus of my 'obsession' was the American Civil War.  I had always dreamed of having a way to live out my love for this period of time and when I found out there were people who did just that, well..I had to become part of this population."         Terri Lynn Hagen

"Warm, sweaty wool covered days & cold, sticky, noisy, smokey wool covered night!!"   Ike Borland

"I have to be honest- I doubt that I would have found reenacting if my husband hadn't been a military history buff.  But, I truly have found this hobby to be as important to me as it is him!  I have always liked history; I just didn't have the family heritage to draw me to Civil War interests.  Strong friendships are formed when people share common interests and 'living space'." Sue Borland

Membership is offered to anyone with a sincere interest in the American Civil War and its accurate portrayel. An application for membership should be submitted.  There are nominal annual dues to help defray the cost of insurance and postage for the monthly newsletters.  Regiment meetings are held once a month.

Contact Information:
Military                                              Civilians
Dan Ward (111th PVI Captain)                        Sandi Ward (Civilian Coordinator)
PO Box 940                                                   PO Box 940
Waterford, PA  16441                                    Waterford, PA 16441
[email protected]                                       [email protected]

Ike Borland (111th PVI 1st Sgt)
450 Weiler Road
Warren, PA 16365
[email protected]

Robert Drakes (111th PVI President)
5255 Dawson Road
Erie, PA 16510
[email protected]
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