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Hello and welcome to my web-page.

I am a Colombian biologist with a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and Plant Molecular Biology. I carried out my studies of Biology in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and my Ph.D. in the Molecular Biotechnology Unit (MBU) at the John Innes Centre (JIC) and the University of East Anglia (UEA) in the city of Norwich - United Kingdom. My Ph.D. was sponsored by the Colombian Agency for Science and Technology (Colciencias).

Nowadays, I work as a Specialist in Technology and Innovation at the Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA). Previously, I acted as independent scientific consultant at national and international level. In the past, I was the Director of the Biotechnology Division at the Colombian Oil Palm Research Centre (Cenipalma)and a project leader developing scientific research in molecular biology of oil palm (Elaeis guinensis Jacq.). In addition, I was the director of the Molecular Characterisation Laboratory.

Previous to this position, I was a Post-Doctoral Scientist in the Biotechnology Unit at the International Centre of Physics (CIF), Bogotá. As a part of CIF´s international strategy, I carried out research in Molecular Plant Pathology as a Post-Doctoral Research Scientist at The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich-UK. There, I developed research in order to understand the function of genes involved in disease resistance in plants.

My current interests are focused on aspects related to knowledge management, innovation and development policies, intellectual property rights, access to genetic resources, and scientifc administration. Under the scientific point of view, I am interested in plant biology and agrobiotechnology, including aspects of the biochemistry, genetics, physiology, pathology, genomics, bioinformatics and molecular biology of plants.

Together with the research, I practice fencing. Several years ago, I was Colombian Champion (in foil and epee). I have been member of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Fencing Club and UEA-Fencing Club. I am currently a member of the Cundinamarca's Fencing League.

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