Short Stories by Pedic

Poor Christopher (Jan 2,99)

Car Accident

This is a story I started writing sometime ago. None of it is real, but a lot of us would really like to be real.
It mainly deals with female foot worship.
"Where a simple car incident changes the life of the (un)fortunate male driver !"

1st Day(Jan 97)
2nd Day(Jan 97)
3rd Day(Jan 97)
4th Day(Jan 97)
5th Day (Oct 4, 97)
6th Day (Mar 26, 98)
7th Day (Apr 10, 98)
8th Day(Apr 13, 98)
9th Day(May 23, 98)
10th Day(Feb 23, 98)
11th Day(Feb 27, 2000)

more days to come!


A real life story by a visitor
My first Girlfriend (Part I)
Part II :Irish Weekend
Part III:New Ownership

Senior Prom Part I (By Joe C.) (Jan 99)
Senior Prom Part II (By Joe C.) (Feb 99)
Senior Prom Part III (By Joe C.) (Feb 99)

Ten more Inches! (By Joe)


Net Time Stories
All the following stories come from various sites on the net. If any of them should not appear here, please let me know...


The Footman of LA (I)
The Footman of LA (II)

Lisa's Footbath

The Breaking of a Foot Boy (I)
The Breaking of a Foot Boy (II)


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