Sorry it took so long to get these up, but here they are. These are the results from Friday night's show held at the Lions Club Fairgrounds building in Cordele Ga. PSW had one heck of a show, and if you missed it, lets hope you don't miss the show planned for January, because PSW is just going to keep getting better!!

Match One
In the wrestle search Dark match, Hootie the Clown would take on indy star "SHOOTER" Vordell Walker. Hootie the Clown would take the win as "Luscious" Dale Lucas would come out once again to taunt Vordell about being a "nobody" and complaining about Ben Master's booking such talent in PSW. Vordell would go after Dale only to be counted out, making Hootie the Clown the winner.
WINNER: Hootie the Clown

Match Two
The second match of the card would pit Dale Lucas, who had just cost Vordell Walker his match against the youngster Azmyth. Dale had done the same taunting to Azmyth the show before about not being PSW "material". The match would end with Az missing a high frog splash, giving Dale a chance to put and end to Az, only to have Vordell come out and sway Dale's attention from Azmyth who was now climbing the top rope. Finally Dale would turn around, to be hit with a huge Missile Drop kick from the top rope from Az for the pin.
WINNER: Azmyth

Match Three
The Third match was a 3-way dance between The Nightmare, Scott Armstrong, and Paul Golden. Alot of mat wrestling and technical wrestling took place in this match. Paul Golden would take the first pin, defeating Scott Armstrong. Paul Golden would then take to the top rope only to have Armstrong shake the ropes causing Golden to fall, which would give the Nightmare the opportunity to take the pinfall and the match.
WINNER: The Nightmare

Match Four
In the fourth match PSW mainstay PYT Frederick would take on the legendary "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. Even with Armstrong's age he still gave all he could give to PYT in this match. Bullet Bob would emerge the winner only to be attacked by Erik Watts. Paul Golden and Scott Armstrong would make the save which would lead to a staredown between these two men.
WINNER: "Bullet" Bob Armstrong

Match Five
In the fifth match we would have the mixed teams of Erik Watts and Lei Lani Kai against Bambi and former WWE star Marty Janetty. This match would go back and forth between both teams. Lots of good wrestling made by both teams. The end would see Erik Watts squash his own partner Lei Lani after missing Bambi with a cross body. Janetty would then jump on Watts followed by Bambi to get the three count.
WINNERS: Marty Janetty and Bambi

Match Six
This match was for all the marbles. Control of PSW was at stake, with Ben Masters the legendary promoter of PSW against his nephew and spoiled brat Daniel Henry. Daniel would manage to hit Ben with his shoe only to have The South Side Trash come to seem like they were making a save, only to side with Henry. Finally Ted Oates would make a save only to have SST get the best of them. Finally, shockingly The Nightmare of all people would come out to help Ben and Ted, out of respect for the business and his fellow older workers.
WINNER: No Contest

Match Seven
The Seventh match, was one I'm sure alot of wrestling fans were there to see. Former Flying Elvis teammates from TNA Jorge' Estrada and Sonny Siaki faced off in this high impact match. Jorge would be putting his NWA North American title on the line. Sonny would have Jorge pinned but with his feet on the ropes. The ref did not see this, and called for the bell. Referee on stand by Bo Oates would storm the ring to inform the ref that his feet were on the ropes. The match was restarted have Jorge roll up Sonny quickly to retain the title.
WINNER: Jorge Estrada

Match Eight
Yet another match holding high regard to the fans of PSW. Glacier would get his hands on Scotty Riggs, after Riggs left him at the mercy of Buff and Disco prior to tonights show. This time, with the help of several Lumberjacks including: Estrada, Golden, Azmyth, Vordell, for Glacier and Siaki, Watts, Lucas, PYT, for team Riggs. The match would go back and forth with both men at some point being throwed out to the lumberjacks. Glacier would nail Riggs with his Krionic Kick for the pin, but not before the lumberjacks would brawl on the outside.
WINNER: Glacier

Main Event
In the main event of the evening, Tommy Rich the Wildfire and Curtis Hughes would take on Dennis Gale and Steve The Brawler Lawler. The special guest referee in Bob Armstrong had to be changed, due to the injury he sustained after being attacked by Erik Watts earlier in the show. The match would go back and forth between both teams Finally The Wildfire would launch Gale right into a steel chair that was held by Mr. Hughes, for the victory.
WINNER: "Wildfire" Tommy Rich and Mr. Hughes


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