Terry Kath's Telecaster Guitar Case

This is the  Anvil Case that was used by Terry Kath of the band Chicago to store his Fender Telecaster Guitar.  You can see the guitar in the pictures below.  I purchased this case from a collector that bought it from Hank Steiger in 1988.  Hank Steiger is a long time Guitar Technician for the band Chicago and was a close friend of Terry Kath.  The case came with one of Terry's Guitar picks but during my inspection of the case I noticed 2 more guitar picks appear when I shook the case. The picks must have slid under the lip of the storage compartment wall under the foam area of the case.  Lucky find :)  After seeing Terry play in concert in Frankfurt, Germnay in 1976, I had the dream of one day owning Terry's Telecaster.  Having his guitar case is the next best thing.  For me, this case is pricelless.
Terry Kath's Guitar Picks

   These 3 Guitar Picks were in Terry's Anvil Case
In an interview with Guitar Player Magazine in 1971, Terry
  talked about how much he liked using Herco Guitar Picks.
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