Patricia Ford
"Goddess of Sunshine"

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With Patricia Ford, it is easy to imagine what it would be like to be that one special man or woman in her life, that one special lover to her. How you as her lover, as her one true soulmate, would treat her, and how she would respond.

Even a busty, sexy woman like Patricia Ford needs luck to even find that one special love connection in her life. When that special and lucky guy (or gal?) tells her that her sunny smile and sunny disposition make her his own personal Goddess of Sunshine, she of course looks forward to the first warm, sunny day of summer to dress the part. When that day finally arrives, all 5'6" of Patricia becomes his Goddess of Sunshine, from the sunshiny flowers of her airy top, to the bright yellow flower of her ring, to the golden sunshine of her micro-miniskirt.

The summer sunshine encourages her to tie-up her lacy white top to let air circulate around her luscious cleavage and her temptingly-kissable navel. The hot summer sun even inspires her to wear an extra-short miniskirt in the same bright yellow as the summer sun, a skirt short enough to let her dark, shapely legs (and her sweet, curvaceous derriere) stay as cool as possible, too.

Seeing the warm reaction that her skimpy outfit brings from that one special man in her life, only makes this obviously sexual and sexy Goddess of Sunshine feel even hotter in return. "Mind if I take my top off so I can feel cooler?" the 38-24-35 temptress/goddess sweetly, innocently asks. What man in love with a gorgeous goddess of summer sex like Patricia could say no to such an offer?

Of course, watching her man's lustful reaction to her exposure just gets all luscious 105 pounds of her all that much hotter. "Do you like what you see?" the Goddess of Sunshine known as Patricia coos. "Would you like to see more? Would you like me to take my skirt off?" Again, no objection from him, as she pulls her waistband out away from her and slides her tiny patch of micro-miniskirt down her legs, revealing her lovely, bright sunshine-yellow panties that so sweetly match her skirt.

Her man comments on her pretty sunshine-yellow panties. "I could take them off for you, if you like," she teases, her face lighting up in sunshine, as she skims them off and lovingly hands them to her man. Now her bright-yellow socks are the last vestige that Patricia, Goddess of Sunshine, is still wearing from her carefully-coordinated summer sunshine outfit.

Watching her man lovingly inhaling the summer-fresh sex scent of her just-removed panties cannot help but even further stimulate a sexual goddess like Patricia. Her delicate fingers swiftly, instinctively begin to play with her own most sensitive and most turned-on areas, as she watches his loving, lingering enjoyment of her moist, sweetly (and naturally) scented summer-yellow panties.

"If you'll move your hand, the man who loves you and whom you love, promises to replace your sweet, angelic fingers with something that will bring you much more pleasure!" She smiles at his hot, lusty, tempting offer, and unable or unwilling to resist her lover any longer, Patricia removes her hand and she lovingly, longingly invites him into her own summer warmth. She wants him every bit as much as he wants her--in fact, maybe she wants him even more, if that were possible. Her sweet and mysterious femininity is now completely open to him, eager to experience his slow, gentle loving of her, as she revels in the feel of the warm, masculine summer sunshine that flows so sweetly and lovingly from the man she loves so completely, with all of her heart and soul.

His loving feels SO good, but one round isn't NEARLY enough, and she she wants even more. This Goddess of Sunshine wants, and definitely deserves, to have her stud-god take her in her favorite position, doggy-style. She repositions herself, and they are both more than ready to pleasure each other. But then, what man wouldn't be ready by now, with such a sweet and inviting lover so eagerly awaiting him? They make slow, tender love for hours and hours in the warm summer sunshine, the sunshine that matches not only the bright yellow socks she still wears, but also matches the miniskirt and skimpy panties now so casually discarded on their floor. She melts into him as the hot yellow summer sun and her loving man become her own personal accessories to her beautiful, half-removed yellow outfit. They become the god and goddess of sunshine, one melded being, joined in love and lust, one heart and one soul from now to the end of eternity.

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