Gulugod baboy

Gulugod Baboy
Major jump-off: Mabini, Anilao, Batangas
LLA: 13°42'55"N; 120°53'43"E; 525 MASL
Hours to summit / Days required: 1-3 hours / 1 day
Specs: Minor Climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-2

Gulugod-Baboy is the general term that describes the hills that traverse Calumpan Peninsula. Located in Southern Batangas, the peninsula is more known for the diving resorts of Anilao – the birthplace of Philippine scuba diving. Since dive enthusiasts are also enthusiasts for anything ‘outdoor’, they began exploring the hills, and soon, Gulugod Baboy became a hiking destination on its right, although today it remains a popular sidetrip to a diving escapade to Anilao, or to the nearby Sombrero or Maricaban islands.

There is confusion regarding where the real “Gulugod-Baboy” is. From SE to NW (from Brgy. San Teodoro to Brgy. Laurel), there are three peaks in the range. The first is 470 MASL, the second is 485 MASL, and the third is 525 MASL. This third has a large, ancient tree as its landmark, and is known to mountaineers as the real Gulugod Baboy. However, locals say that this third peak is actually Mt. Pinagbanderahan, and the first peak is the Gulugod Baboy. Fans of Long Henson, father of itineraries, would remember that he wrote about a Mt. Pinagbanderahan in Mabini, Quezon. This may actually refer to Mabini, Batangas, and is actually one and the same as the Gulugod-Baboy we know. Thus, there are three peaks, from SE to NW: Gulugod-Baboy, Gitna, and Pinagbanderahan.

Gulugod Baboy

Gulugod-Baboy is a playground for adventure: you can refer to the map and ascend/descend to any point in the peninsula using the compass. Most directions have trails; indeed there are many trails in the mountain which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. At its peaks, you can see, from east to west: Janao Bay, Maricaban strait which bears Sombrero and Maricaban islands, a distant, faint blue Mindoro, Verde Island (SW) and Batangas Bay. The city and port of Batangas is visible on the west, following a farther Mt. Daguldul. To the north is Mt. Maculot, and even Mt. Batulao and the Tagaytay highlands.


0400 ETD Buendia. Take Batangas City bus (P150.00)
0630 ETA Diversion road, Batangas City
0700 ETA Mabini, Anilao, Batangas. Take jeep (P33.00)
0730 Start trek
9030 ETA Gulugod-Baboy (Peak 1)
1000 ETA Gitna (Peak 2)
1030 ETA Pinagbanderahan (Peak 3). Summit viewing
1100 Lunch
1200 Philpan Beach Resort. Swimming
1300 ETD - Philpan
1330 ETA Brgy. Laurel, Mabini. Take jeep to town proper
1400 ETD Mabini town proper; take jeep to Batangas City or van to Manila
1700 ETA Manila


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