Mt Pulag

The sea of clouds, the golden groves of dwarf bamboo, pine and mossy forests, and a friendly highland people all await the participants of the Mt. Pulag Weekend Climb to be held on December 27-28, 2011 via the Ambangeg Trail. This will be the 4th of 12 Mt. Pulag climbs this year by TAT, which announced their commitment to be the first-ever group to organize climbs to Luzon's highest peak monthly. Expect near-zero temperatures at the summit of Luzon's highest mountain! This is an overnight camping trip; the trek is fairly easy and this will be a good opportunity for those who haven't climbed Pulag yet, or those who wish to revisit Luzon's highest mountain. Register now! Button

Tour Schedule:

The climb fee is P3,800/person and includes the following:

Mt Pulag TshirtMt Pulag ID Mt Pulag Certificate

*Roundtrip Manila-Baguio via Victory Liner
*Roundtrip Baguio-Ranger Stn via monster jeepney
*Guide fees and all registration/entrance fees
*Travel coordinator with email updates/consultations
*Climb certificate
*Climb shirt, and ID

Mt. Pinatubo

Mt. Pinatubo Tour Package. The rate is P2,400/person. The world-famous volcano, whose eruption brought forth a desolate landscape that can aptly be described as 'out of this world'. The 45-minute 4x4 drive to the foot of the mountain from Capas, Tarlac, is exhilirating; you will feel as if you were on a Disneyland ride in real life, as the 4x4 jeep crosses varicolored streams and an endless plain of volcanic sand. The two-hour trek that will ensue will take you to more volcanic formations; streams varied in color, depending on the minerals: there was ferrous red, sulfuric yellow, and algal green; there are cliffs of lahar that precariously stand tall against the remnants of a once tall (1,700+ MASL) mountain. Register now! Button

Tour Schedule:

*Roundtrip Manila-Capas with Tour Coordinator onboard
*Private air-conditioned van
*4×4 ride from Sta. Juliana
*Passage fee to use the Skyway 4×4 Trail
*Guide fees and all registration/entrance fees
*Travel coordinator with email updates/consultations


Sagada Budget Package Tour with Baguio Side Trip for Only PhP3,300!
BANAUE SAGADA TOUR Plus Sidetrip Baguio City Bencab Museum.
Minimum of 12 pax in a van

Register now! Button

• Roundtrip Van (Bnew Nissan Urvan 12 seater) Transfers Manila-Banaue-Sagada-Baguio- Manila
• Van Transfers: Lodging to Sumaguing Cave, Bomod Ok Falls, Echo Valley, St Mary’s Church, Kiltepan, Pottery House, Rock Inn Orange Orchard, Lake Danum
• 3 days 2nights stay at Residential Lodge/George Guest House/Billy’s Inn (Quad Sharing)

Sagada Sagada

1. Banaue View Points
2. Tour Around Sagada
3. Sumaguing Cave (normal caving 2-3 hrs)
4. Lumiang Cave
5. Bomod-ok Bigfalls
6. Kiltepan Tower
7. Echo Valley
8. St. Mary’s Church
9. Sagada Weaving
10. Sagada Pottery House
11. Lake Danum

GUIDE FEES; Bomod Ok Bigfalls, Sumaging Cave, Lumiang Burial
Cave, Echo Valley, Pottery House
Cave Connection (300 per pax)
Bencab Museum (100 per pax)
*Meals are not included for personal preferences

0800pm: Assembly Trinoma open spaced parking facing SM North (Near PUV Terminal)
0900pm: ETD from Trinoma to Banaue.
0600am: ETA at Banaue, Breakfast, Picture Taking Viewpoints
0700am: ETD to Sagada
1000am: ETA to Sagada Check-in
1200am: Lunch
0100pm: Proceed to Lumiang Cave and Sumaguing Cave
0500pm: Estimated time of return from the cave
0530pm: Back to Lodging (Wash up)
0700pm: Dinner, Bonfire and socials
0600am: Wake-up call. Breakfast
0700am: Proceed to Fedelisan
0730am: Start of Bomod-ok Falls Trek
0830am: ETA Bomod-ok Bigfalls, Swimming, Picture Taking
1230pm: Lunch
0200pm: Proceed to Sagada Weaving, St Mary’s Church and Echo Valley
0400pm: Visit Pottery House
0530pm: Sunset Viewing Lake Danum, Picture taking
0700pm: Dinner, Souvenir hunting
0800pm: Bonfire, Socials
0500am: Wake up call, Check out
0545am: Sunrise Viewing Kiltepan Tower
0630am: Breakfast Rock-inn, Orange Picking in the Orchard
0730am: ETD from Sagada to Baguio
0100pm: Late Lunch La Trinidad Jollibee or Mcdonalds
0200pm: ETA Bencab Museum, explore and picture taking (optional)
0400pm: ETD from Baguio
1030pm: ETA to Manila

Email: [email protected]


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