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Pasakat Mountaineers - Manila, is a non-profit, non-political, environmental organization. It advocates on environmental cause dedicated towards maintaining and protecting bio-ecological balance. PASAKAT "PArainom SA KATandungan" in tagalog "Manginginom sa Catanduanes" (Drinkers Translation). The original meaning of Pasakat (Bicol word) means Paakyat. Pasakat Mountaineers was founded last 2003 by: Romeo Tolledo & Rubin Quimpo.


Pasakat Mountaineers - Manila trains people to become skilled, responsible mountaineers with a deep sense of respect for nature.


Pasakat believes that mountaineering is a wholesome and challenging sport. Pasakat believes that the protection, rehabilitation and preservation of the natural environment could be made possible if we have an informed and responsible citizenry. Pasakat believes that the wanton destruction of rainforests, caves, watersheds and all other resources vital to the maintenance of our ecology done in the pursuit of economic development is not sound and not be tolerated.


It is the policy of the organization to support, help and cooperate with activities that promote mountaineering and all other activities that are pro-environment. It is the policy of the organization to make an alliance coordination with other groups that share and have the same or common objectives in the pursuit of the desired goals. It is the policy of the organization that every member should, at all times, maintain and improve the good reputation and integrity of the group.



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