Baltimore's Catholic Churches

Baltimore, Maryland

This site is for the presevation and information sharing of several of Baltimore's Catholic churches.

Basillica of the Assunption

St. Martin's Church

(31 N. Fulton Av)

St. Jerome's Church

(Scott & Hamburg Sts)

Fourteen Holy Martyr's

(S.Mount & Lombard Sts - 1870-1964)

St. Peter's Church

(Hollins & Poppleton Sts)

St. Casmir's Church

(2736 O'Donnell St)

St. Joseph's Monastery

(est. 1868 - Old Frederick and Monastery Aves)

St. Joseph's Shrine Church

St. Michael's Church

(est 1852 - Lombard & Wolfe Sts)

St. Ignatius's Church

(est 1856 - 805 N. Calvert St)

St. Alphonsus's Church 1864

St. Alphonsus's Church (The German Cathedral)

(est. 1845 - 114 W. Saratoga)

The Altar at St. Alphonsus's

St. Alphonsus

St. James's

(Eager & Asquith)1834-1966

St. John's Church

(Saratoga & Park - 1799-1841)

St. Benedict's Church

(est 1893 - 2612 Wilkens Av)

The Basillica - 1902

The Basillica - 1965

The Basillica - 1995

Inside the Basillica

St. Leo's

(est 1881 - Stiles & Exeter)

St. Vincent de Paul Church

(est 1841 - Lexington & Fayette)

All Saints Church

(est 1912 - Liberty Heights & ElDorado)

Sacred Heart Church

Corpus Christi

(est 1881 - W. Lafayette)

St. Patrick's Church

(est.1792 - Broadway & Park)

St. Cecilla's

St. Pius V Church (St. Barabas)

(521 N. Schroeder)

St. William of York Church

(est 1914 - Edmondson & Cook Ave)

St. Michael's Church

Our Lady of Pompei

Holy Rosary Church

(est.1887 - S. Chester)

St. Wenceslaus's

(est 1872- Collington & Ashland)

Archdiocese of Baltimore - History

Catholic Churches of Baltimore

Archdiocese of Baltimore
St. William of York Parish
St. Benedict's Parish
St. Casimir's Parish
St. Ambrose's Parish
St. Anthony of Padua Parish
St. Ignatius's Parish
Our Lady of Pompei Parish
St. Vincent de Paul's Parish
Corpus Christi Parish
St. Leo's Parish
St. Micael the Archangel's Parish
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