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Russia is a huge country and Night WinD comes from there. They have already released their demo CD and we had the opportunity to speak with Alex and Dmitriy. Read the very interesting things that these guys told us. 

1. Since this our first interview, can you tell us in short the history of Night WinD?
    Dmitriy: This is our first interview with you and I hope isn’t the last one! Night WinD gave Greshnilov Y. (bass-guitar) the sack. Today Night WinD are V. Nazarov – vocal, bass-guitar A. Gutsov –guitar, D. Korotkov – drums! But we didn’t start to rehearse as a trio-band. Because ….  V. Nazarov is abroad. He talks about Night WinD to recording-labels, magazines, radio and so on. We work hard on our web-site . The recording-labels and promotion companies must pay attention on Night WinD. We don’t want to play and use old and bad guitars, drums and so on. 

    Alex: We have accepted a lot of reviews and found a broad response from all over the world last time. Statistic shows that our web-site visited a lot people from all over the world. From Africa visited us a lot too. The area envelops from Egypt and Tunis and till Zimbabwe and Mozambique. I don’t speak about South Republic of Africa. It’s difficult to say from which countries we hadn’t had any visitors. The most visitors’ letters come from Europe and U.S.A. We didn’t add on our web-site the best wishes of our visitors. The interviews we have seldom but we have. In addition to it the men want to rub shoulders alive but can in internet like this! I don’t speak about internet’s forums. Y. Greshnikov – left Night WinD but doesn’t change anything in the creation and doesn’t affect Night WinD the songs. May be the lyrics could be a bit different. We think we should find a new bassist. But for today it’s not main task. 

2. Can you tell us some details from the recording sessions of your latest release?
    Dmitriy: It’s really difficult to find good recording-labels in our country! We wanted the quality of the recordings of our album to be good for us. We wanted to listen to the sound of the album “The midnight’s dances” as if it was live. We didn’t want to use keyboards and PC sounds as the sounds of artificial folk musical instruments (bagpipes and so on). It’s not impossible to find men you can play folk musical instruments. There are a lot of home-studios in our country. The qualities of sound of those home-studios are very low! The real price of good recording labels is high! The level of recording at home-studios and recording labels are different. Sad but true for bands of our country is that a lot og fgood rock bands can’t record their songs! The recording process and time are too expensive. The rock-bands record their songs at home-studios. A few rock-bands can record their songs at professional recording studios. The recording sessions of our “The midnight’s dances” album were very long and hard! During the process of recording we made 3 - versions of our album. We have original versions of some of our next songs: “The rhythm of my heart” and “The rhythm of my heart-2”, “Devil’s dances” and “Devil’s dances-2”, “Mistress” and “Mistress-2”. The original version of “The midnight’s dances” album and new version of “The midnight’s dances” album are very different! If you could compare these 2 versions of “The midnight’s dances” album you could feel the real distinction! I am not glad and satisfied with the original sound of album and demo. We want to play and make recording at big and real recording labels!!!
    Alex: As the lyricist and the one who did the arrangements of music I can say that our music was created during recording process in recording studio. It’s hard to believe but it’s true! We had some music base which we used as a start, because we hadn’t had our rehearsal-room and going to a recording studio we had to improvise and arrange songs in recording studio spontaneously. We hadn’t prepared before but it’s really hard to work in such a way.
3. So far how are the reactions of the press for it?
    Dmitriy: We didn’t expect so good reactions from radio, press, fans and friends! When we accepted the letters, reviews from press, friends, fans and interview it was a great surprise and impressed us. The demo songs that you can listen to our web-site are not real and don’t reveal the true face of Night WinD. We want to have the best portal on the internet. 

    Alex: Opinions are different. We have been subjected to criticism for our folk parts from men who like death metal. The most criticism is accepted on vocals. Some people like our style of songs, somebody told us about having a harder sound, others thought it was excellent. A lot of people cannot understand how we could do it in a home-studio. The fans of artistic music appreciated all kinds of music and they felt delighted. I think if they have wide possibilities then they help us. By the way everybody asks one question – is it really possible to make such songs in Uzbekistan? We accepted the most letters and opinions from Europe and America. After it we have letters and opinions from Russia and ex-USSR. Most people say that Night WinD has the melody in them and we create really melodic songs and easy to perceive sounds. We have to work in such way and save our reputation all over the world as a melodic rock-band.

4. You come from a not so famous country for its metal scene. Do you believe that this can push you back a little?
    Dmitriy: Night WinD is a famous rock-band in our country. A lot of people know us and our songs. They visit our web-site. It’s impossible to be super star all over the world if you live in our country! Small groups of men like rock music in our country. Sometimes rock bands play on the metal scene here. We are looking for other ways to climb up the world tops! We want to be famous all over the world! 

    Alex: We haven’t got rock festivals of art or folk rock music. We had alternative music festival like “Gold Rush” (indium-pop) UK, but the rock bands have been replaced by hardcore or death metal bands without any progressive or folk bands. We haven’t participated in any rock shows or festivals, but without any of these Night WinD are a very famous rock-band in our country. Night WinD are known by the local people and musicians of Uzbekistan. Sad but true that to be popular/star in our country and reach the upper parts of world rock-scene is impossible. The system opens doors to the top bands of the world music scene and can only help the most popular band of our compatriots. In our country we haven’t got such big rock bands, but only one great rock band is “Flight-09”. We have good contact with “Flight-09”, but they have their personal plans and we try to understand it! Look international producers are not in the ex-USSR and don’t produce the albums of our rock bands and my opinion is obvious since the quality of local music hasn’t got good face and could be better. We haven’t got another way to become known except for the internet.

5. Tell me some words about the lyrical concept?
    Dmitriy: When I started to write the lyrics I thought about theme, sense, harmony, idea, memory of lyrics, understanding and so on. I want to bring up in minds and souls of our fans and men the bendy, batty of people, beauty, harmony, love, our way to perceive and feelings, understanding life all over the world! I don’t understand the mind-headedness and senslessness of lyrics. We don’t want to put on our web-site all our lyrics, because we cannot complete the dead line version of our album “The midnight’s dances”. The concept of my lyrics on the album “The midnight’s dances” are very deep and wide. I wrote about all that I hate, my dreams, pain, scorns, my ignorance and so on! On the next albums I will broaden the themes of lyrics and context of songs! I’d like to grow up as a musician and lyricist!
6. Now are you satisfied with the results of your demo?
    Dmitriy: We didn’t incarnate all our ideas and possibilities. We couldn’t achieve the results of what we dreamt of! During the recording process we had used all possibilities! It wasa big “school” for us, having the chance to work as a rock band and understand a small piece of all the recording process in a studio! We felt in all the cells of our body and mind what it means to work hard and long with very small and narrow home-studio possibilities!  I hope everything will be O.K. for us and we will complete our album and new album too!!!

    Alex: I was satisfied with the quality of our recording. Every time I think after the recordings are over, I know it’s possible to improve our quality and compose interesting songs with a better sound. The best is “Mistress”. It’s because the plan of arrangement quality is wider and deeper plus it has got a deeper melody and mix. “The rhythm of my heart” is more undone, I don’t like fixing-downfall and too long song. Everything could change if we had the possibility to record in a professional studio when we were recording “The midnight’s dances”. But I think that the songs will sound different and the arrangements will be deeper and wider with different views. Bit this is what we have for now…

7. Do you prepare to record something new?
    Alex: We have new undone songs and we must work hard. It’s necessary to have a high quality album. It is need to make recordings in high class recording studio. I understood one thing that we had time and chances in the past … it wasn’t good. We had to work harder. Making recordings of bad quality or low level that we have… we cannot do it anymore! We have financial problems now. 

    Dmitriy: We are ready for everything! But now it’s impossible!! We started to play new songs for our new album! We started to play in our studio 4 – new songs: “Follow me..”, “War”, “Breath-2”, “The darkness”! We hadn’t named our next album yet! We must work hard for it! Everything changes for the better time and we will come in real professional recoding studio in Europe and complete “The midnight’s dances” and start our new album!

8. Your wildest dream about the future of your band?
    Dmitriy:  Complete the album “The midnight’s dances” and start playing and recordinging our new album. Night WinD will make video-clips for the songs. Make new shows and go on! Dreams must live! Dreams must go on ….

    Alex: We wish to have a place on the world music scene and bring something new to the world of music and art.

9. Thank you for your time! If I have forgotten to ask you anything please add it here!
    Alex: Thanks for the interview! I have to answer your questions in your studio next time in your country and in your radio show. Good luck! See you!

    Dmitriy: At the beginning I’d like to tell you –thanks and good luck! Thanks to all our friends and fans! May God help you and us! Everything will be O.K. See you! 
    Night WinD

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