Panzer Front Bis Status
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The cover of the unrelased sequel to Panzer Front.
Bis unleashed in Japan

In 2001 Enterbrain released the sequel to Panzer Front, called Panzer Front Bis.  This sequel was more of an update, with most of the original missions and vehicles plus a few additions.  The major enhancement to Bis was the inclusion of an editor which allowed players to create their own missions.

Plans for the invasion of Europe

JVC Interactive, who had converted the original Panzer Front, began work on a PAL version of Bis.  By the beginning of 2002 and running version of Bis was ready with the art work and manual ready and only a few small bugs preventing it from being released.  Reviews for Bis were appearing in magazines and on gaming websites.

The demise of the English verison of Bis

Early in 2002, JVC Interactive were closed down by their parent company.  The developers found new jobs with other software companies and Bis was left in limbo.  With the software almost complete it would have been a simple matter for another company to buy Bis from JVC and release it themselves.

However, Virgin Interactive, who distributed the original Panzer Front in Europe, were contacted and said that they will not be releasing Bis.  Agetec, who published Panzer Front in the US, would not comment on if they would publish Bis.

A number of online stores listed Bis and kept revising the release date as the year wore on.  Eventually most deleted Bis from their listing and announced that the game had been "scrapped".

2003 has brought no new of Panzer Front Bis and fewer and fewer releases for the PSOne.  It now seems that an English version of Bis will never see the light of day.

Japanese imports?

While plans for the release of Bis in the west faded, the Japanese version of the game was still available for import.  Although expensive a number fo the members of the Panzer Front Forum were able to obtain copies.

During 2002 Bis began to sell out in Japan and in was reported that stores had run out of copies.   Imported copies of Bis were offered for sale on online game stores but Bis was taken it off their lists and stock in Japan dried up.

The next generation

There are rumours that a third game in the series will be released soon in Japan.  It is currently not known what platform this third game will be available on or if there will be a PAL version.

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