Verbal Vestigia



Verbal Vistigia has been defined as Words Hanging On By A Single Phrase. There are a lot of words in English that seem to exist only in a single phrase. Some of these are given here.

1) ALECK: smart aleck

2) ASPERSIONS: cast aspersions

3) AVAIL: (noun) to no avail

4) AWEIGH: anchors aweigh

5) BATED: bated breath

6) BECK: at one's beck and call

7) BETWIXT: betwixt and between

8) BIDE: bide one's time

9) BOON: (adj.) boon companion

10) CABOODLE: kit and caboodle

11) CAHOOTS: in cahoots with

12) CONCERTED: make a concerted effort

13) CRANNIES: nooks and crannies

14) DESERTS: (noun) one's just deserts

15) DINT: by dint of will

16) DRUTHERS: if he had his druthers

17) DUDGEON: in high dudgeon

18) DURESS: under duress

19) FIGMENT: figment of one's imagination

20) FLEDGED: full fledged

21) FRAUGHT: fraught with peril

22) FRO: (adv.) to and fro

23) GETGO: from the getgo

24) GRAVEN: graven image

25) HANDBASKET: going to hell in a handbasket

26) HAW: hem and haw

27) HISSY: hissy fit

28) IDES: ides of march

29) INCLEMENT: inclement weather

30) KIBOSH: put the kibosh on

31) KILTER: off kilter

32) KITH: kith and kin

33) LAM: on the lam

34) LIEU: in lieu of

35) NEAP: neap tide

36) OFFING: in the offing

37) PETARD: hoisted by one's own petard

38) PEEVE: (noun) pet peeve

39) RIDDANCE: good riddance

40) SHRIFT: short shrift

41) SLEIGHT: sleight of hand

42) TAT: tit for tat

43) TENTERHOOKS: on tenterhooks

44) THITHER: hither and thither

45) TOTALLER: tea totaller

46) TROTH: plight ones troth

47) UNSUNG: unsung hero

48) VIM: vim and vigor

49) WEND: wend one's way

50) WHET: (verb) whet one's appetite

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