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Effect of Hydrolyzed Palm Kernel Expeller on Production Performance and Quality of Chicken Eggs

 With 1 billion people added in the world by 2030, we need to transform food production to provide sustainable nutrition. We need to ensure that food production is efficient and does not encourage further deforestation or environmental degradation, but, rather, helps protect and restore ecosystems. Whereas high crude fiber, especially lignin, in the ration causes a decrease in the activity of enzymes that break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This palm kernel cake and Palm Kernel Shell click here is one of the by-products of palm kernel processing, this yield can reach 45% of palm kernel. If we look at the value of the chemical elements, PKE has 14-17% protein, 12-18% crude fiber, 10.5% fat. Therefore, Palm Kernel Expeller Indonesia is very good to be used for animal feed.


Delivering change will help tens of thousands of people involved in industry as well as the environment. Part of our approach includes collaboration with like-minded organizations and NGOs working on the ground. This includes the transparency of our supply chain and the traceability of the products we use. We are committed to sourcing only sustainably harvested palm oil and working with suppliers to achieve it by 2020. In fact, around 75% of poultry feed ingredients consist of these two ingredients. The increase in domestic corn prices in the first quarter of 2023 coupled with the increase in soybean meal prices since August 2020 has pushed up domestic feed prices.



Unlike corn, soybean meal and others, palm oil cake is not seasonal, the source is plentiful and already established. We believe that advocating and helping to embed practices and structures in industry is the best approach to creating lasting change. Only by banning some livestock products means that there is a possibility that production will shift to other livestock commodities.
Recently, 10 thousand tons of palm oil meal worth IDR 12.24 billion were shipped to New Zealand from Oil palm cake is a processed from palm kernel which is commonly used for animal feed. Director of Feed of the Directorate General of PKH, Makmun said, the dynamics in the poultry sector that occurred recently highlighted the soaring prices of some poultry feed ingredients. Corn and soybean meal, he continued, are feed ingredients for energy and protein sources as much as 75% in poultry feed formulations.

Didiek underlined that access to PKE has not been evenly distributed in various regions in Indonesia. This causes price fluctuations to be considered quite high for smallholder farmers with low PKE quality. As a result, smallholder farmers still consider PKE Palm Kernel Expeller click here as a feed raw material which is quite expensive. Mentioning current research provides new hope that palm by-products can be used as animal feed ingredients.